#1 Re: LT53 » The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT53 » 2020-08-28 16:19:33

Just to make sure, fran, you object ending the official part of the game even if it continues to run unofficially?

At the moment I count you reply as objecting to end the game with the score ending.

#2 Re: LT53 » Delegation requests » 2020-08-26 21:48:34

Dim is now delegated to you.

#3 Re: LT53 » The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT53 » 2020-08-25 13:19:54

The score based ending is now pending and will happen in 7*24 hours if no one with an alive nation objects.

This time the final scores will be taken from the time when the game ends so everyone can try to improve the ranking while the we wait for the end.

Please post the final scores when the game ends. On the forum or on discord.

#4 Re: LT53 » Some settings do not match original Warclient » 2020-08-24 19:54:41

"like always, right." smile

I'm sure there is an English version of this Finnish saying: "Luulin kerran erehtyneeni mutta olin väärässä!"

roughly translating

"Once I thought I was wrong about something but I was mistaken about that!"

So many of us can say something like that tongue

#5 Re: LT53 » Shoigu surrendered, nation open for permanent delegation » 2020-08-24 13:13:34

The game will run as long as someone does not call for ending the game and the end game is not objected. LT53 will be continued until someone claims for victory or some other type of ending and that is not objected.

#6 Re: LT53 » Some settings do not match original Warclient » 2020-08-23 21:50:53

Sometimes we all make mistakes and from time to time making the mistakes is the only way to continue without making even bigger mistakes. The goal is to have fun and competitive games by keeping this stuff fair. There have been many mistakes made with the past games. Assigning an AI nation to a new player in LT30. Not extending the turn in LT34 while we had DNS issues. Also this time when we really didn't know how to deal with this stuff.

For the next game we need better rules for dealing with idlers and maybe also rules for deleting players.

I feel that if nothing was done we would have ended up with more issues. We will never know, sure.

The next MP3 game may (???) also need to be more experimental or experimental if the rules need fixing mid game.

Sorry about the trouble. Hopefully the game was fun and will be fun for the remaining players. I also hope to see all of you in the next game.

#7 LT54 » Game reloaded from a save, timeout 20h for the remaining turn » 2020-08-18 18:22:06

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Sorry about the trouble. We had a server issue.

#8 LT53 » Game reloaded from a save, timeout 20h for the remaining turn » 2020-08-18 18:21:33

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Sorry about the trouble. We had a server issue.

#9 Re: Longturn.net services » Downtime tomorrow » 2020-08-14 12:46:12

All current games meaning LT53, LT54 and AU1 resumed.

#10 LT55 » The 2nd longturn traditional game for Freeciv 2.6 » 2020-08-02 15:23:42

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The second LTT (Longturn Traditional) game for Freeciv 2.6. For this game we are going to use the cool patches people have been contributing to the project. LT55 will be teamless and one option for the map is 30% land and 70% water with one huge continent. The start date is in August or September depending on when we get 20-30 players. More players are welcome but the start date is set once that number is reached. Feedback is welcome.

Let us know if there is something you would like to see fixed for the game.

The base ruleset for this game is LTT (LT54 was also using LTT as the base ruleset) and we will be removing some changes we did for LT54 if they are not working properly or if the effect is not the desired one in a real game.

It's not yet certain if we can get trade routes to work but this is something we will try to do. The trade routes now have new code ported from Warclient. This means that they are no longer too powerful.

If there is some strategy or way of playing that't not really working as it should, let us know and we may be able to fix that.

#11 Re: New games » Less narrow and more... hollistic... scoring » 2020-07-30 12:59:01

One way to do that would be a new scoring system. One that would calculate you the average of the cities you have so that way it wouldn't matter how many cities you have.

Maybe better if it would pick your 10 best cities and calculate it from that. The score could be calculated for each turn so it wouldn't matter too much if you lose cities in the end. The score would be a nice one no mattter what.

#12 Re: LT54 » LT54 has started » 2020-07-28 13:58:10

You need Freeciv 2.6 for this game. Freeciv 2.5 (the old games used 2.5) does not work with LT54.

#13 LT54 » LT54 has started » 2020-07-26 13:32:41

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Host: longturn.net
Port: 5054

Good luck everyone!

We will open the signups for another ranking game in... maybe in few days.

#14 Ruleset analysis and discussion » Possible future changes » 2020-07-25 19:16:55

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Tribal Workers with no veteran levels. This may need some thinking so that it will not make the workers too weak compared to previous setup when we dad only one type of workers.

The Tribal Workers are added as non capturable. This is to avoid situations where people capture the start workers from the initial idlers.

#15 LT54 » Summary of the LTT ruleset » 2020-07-25 17:55:50

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It's updated on that thread and is currently valid for LT54.

#16 LT54 » The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT54 » 2020-07-25 17:41:49

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Here is the ruleset:

This is a 2.6 game.

LT54 includes experimental features but is not an experimental game. It's a ranking game and there can be winners.


For the changes look at the LTT (Longturn Traditional) ruleset. The LT54 ruleset is a snapshot of the LTT ruleset. LTT keeps evolving while LT54 is played and LT54 ruleset can remain unchanged.


Winning conditions, several possibilities to win or end the game:

For the mid game rankings:

Any player with access to the embassies from the Atlantic Telegraph Company can rank the players by posting the in-game scores to discord or on the forum. This does not end the game but creates a mid game rankings list. It's for the glory and stuff and only the first time the scores are published counts.

For ending the game:

Allied victory with max 6 winners. The winners need to announce the victory on the forum and if no one alive objects in 5 days the game will end. That's 5*24h. If the player objecting is RIP before the 5 days period is over, objecting doesn't count. This is the old school LT victory.

The game can also be ended by announcing an in-game score based victory. In this case the players are ranked with the in-game score. This can happen once the atlantic telegraph wonder is built and the players can see the scores. The scores need to be posted on the forum or on discord. Or delivered to the game admin with email, discord or other suitable way. There is full 5 days to object this and the game admin needs to approve this. This kind of ending is unusual and the approving is there just to make sure it's not somehow accidental or something like that. Common sense will be used and the game will not be artificially extended by disapproving this.

Space race victory will end the game and the players will be ranked with the in-game score. Please post the scores on the forum. There may be need for someone to /take one of the players for extracting the scores.

If everyone alive is surrendering or announcing to quit playing the game will be ended. Idling for more than 3 turns equals to that.

If someone doesn't play in T0 the nation of that player may be given away. If idle more than 3 turns the same may happen. Common sense will be used.

The game admin may remove idlers once they have idled for 3 turns in the start or a week after that. This can be made by delegating the players to someone who is not playing and is willing to disband all the units. Also if possible, someone not playing may make some of the moves for the idlers. The alternative is to use server command for removing the nation.

If someone becomes idle this player can be admin delegated to the allies. There should be some proof about this and 3rd party assigned for the task (who is not playing) may confirm it to the admin. If a well known player goes idle, it will take more than asking before the admin will delegate to someone who the idle player has been fighting with. Yes, I know this is tricky. Let's use common sense.

The game admins will interpret the rules of there is a problem. If there is trouble interpreting the rules we will ask that on the forum.

Killing every other nation is not needed but of course allowed.

You can't stay online 24/7. If you have been online for more than 6 hours on the same turn, any player can ask the admin to kick that player out for a short time. This kick time is the default 30 minutes. For this send logs to the admin (wieder), preferably on discord (longturn's discord, check the main page) or irc (#longturn, freenode). There will be no warning and only the admin needs to know who asked for kicking. Kicking is not done one hour before or after the turn change.

You can play for someone else but control only 2 nations in one turn. You can control a 3rd nation for less than 4 turns if there is a really good reason for that. Just not feeling like playing doesn't count. If the player you are moving for is not coming back the delegated nation may be given away to a new player after 10 days. Delegations for more than 30 days are not allowed and if there are no takers, prepare to leave that nation idle. Do not login the game the same turn even while stuff may happen and it's understandable that a returning player may not know when the tc was or if the move was already made. We want to avoid people making the tc moves for you if you can play for the rest of the turn.

If there is a game breaking bug the ruleset can be fixed and the game can resume (save, fix, load) with the fix applied. If it's just an annoyance or like a really powerful but cheap unit, a change is not made. Again, common sense. This is not done without something really serious happening. The game help can be fixed while the game is running but it may not be updated to the actual game since it requires a restart. This game is the first one with the LTT ruleset for 2.6 meaning it's more likely that there are game breaking bugs.

Examples: no changes: unit cost is 10x, unit cost is 0.5x, can't build building x, can't move unit x on a ship y, unit x is too powerful like 5x too much. unit x can't be build by nation y. SDI is not working as intended, wonder is not obsoleted as supposed. A new feature is stupid.

Examples: yes for a change: tech tree can't be advanced in a reasonable manner (tech x is not possible, tech y is 20x too expensive), space race victory is not possible, some unit or building is crashing the game, building critical units like settlers is not possible. caravans can build trade routes unbalancing the game. The fix may not be applied instantly and it may take few turns before it's done. Probably a random time is involved.

The in-game help is a pretty good one and 99% accurate. You can also ask me and the others here, on irc or on discord about the game.

Possible issues with the rules will be discussed and common sense is applied. If that is needed, please suggest a fix to the rules for the next game.

Good luck with LT54 and have fun!

#17 LT54 » Test game for LT54 has been started » 2020-07-18 15:31:50

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Host longturn.net
port 5054

Please report all issues smile

#18 Ruleset analysis and discussion » Some of the most important features of the LTT ruleset for Freeciv 2.6 » 2020-07-13 15:39:01

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This is the first draft of this document and will be updated at a later time.

This document doesn't list all the features for the LTT (Long Turn Traditional) ruleset but instead the highlights and some of the new features and changes we have for multiplayer games.

Stuff you may need to know:

set startunits=cccccwwwwwwwxxd

In the traditional longturn games we often have plenty of start units so that the game starts really fast and there is plenty of doing in the early game.

the settlers can't be bribed so that the players starting next to an idler wouldn't get an advantage by bribing the idling settlers.

Cities on hills no longer get +2 food for the city tile if the city tile also has a mine on it.

The granary sizes allow growing big cities reasonably fast. This means that the city will grow from size 1 to size 2 once there is 12 food in the granary. The biggest granary size is 40 allowing the players to grow the cities reasonably fast.

granary_food_ini = 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 28, 34, 40

The cities have bigger working radius allowing them to work on locations 3 tiles away from the city center. There is however a catch to this. The city vision radius is smaller than the working radius and if the player wants to work on all the tiles effectively, there needs to be a unit or units providing vision to the further away tiles.

Together with bigger city working area and citymindist 4 (there needs to be 3 tiles between the cities) it is possible to build really big cities and defending them is not that hard if you invest on defensive units.

There is a wonder (Leonardo's Workshop) for auto upgrading units each turn. When the units are upgraded this way they do not lose veteran levels. However if you upgrade them with gold you will lose one veteran level.

The game uses 9 move fragments for moving the units. If there is no road and the player moves on plains, that will cost 9 fragments (1 move). I there is a road the move cost is 3/9 or 1/3 fragments meaning that the unit can move 3 tiles (with a road) before one move is fully consumed. For the rails the cost is 1/9 fragment and the only terrain improvement for not consuming any move points is the maglev you can build at the late game by upgrading rails.

Some players have pointed out that it's unrealistic to terraform flat land into hills if the tile already has a city. For LTT this feature was not removed but instead made more resource intensive.

There are two kinds of forts. The pre-fort (with absolutely no effect or defensive value) and the actual fort. The pre-fort was added to make it less convenient to build forts when you attack.

Building settlers cost 2 population. This is to make smallpoxing (building plenty of small cities) less interesting. This was compensated by making the settlers to cost less shields.

The game also uses restrictinfra meaning that the attacker can't use enemy roads for making the units to move faster and the moves are calculated like there was no roads. If the ownership of the tile changes, the owner (or the ally of the owner) can use the roads.

LTT also uses tiredattack setting. This means that if the attacking unit has less than 1 move, the attack power is multiplied with the moves left. This means that if the attacker has for example attack of 6 and there is only 1/3 moves left, the attack happens with a power of 2 instead of usual 6.


The game has two initial governments (in addition to anarchy) and choosing between them is one of the first things you may want to do when the game starts. With despotism you get slightly more trade and you may be able to race techs slightly faster. Despotism also allows keeping the citizens content with up to 20 units. With tribalism you have more upkeep free units.

Monarchy may be well suited if you want to wage wars. You get more free units but unlike with some other governments, you don't get additional upkeep free units when the city size hits 8. Instead you get those additional free units at city size of 12.

Republic is not too different from the standard game. It has a trade bonus for tiles already producing trade (like democracy) and it may work well for those players who seek for powerful economy and are not fighting a war.

Fundamentalism becomes available with Feudalism. With funda you can build upkeep free crusaders and fanatics. Fundamentalism also converts happy buildings output into gold and with temples and other such buildings a funda nation may be an actual money printing machine. The downside to funda is the heavy penalty (-40%) for science.

Democracy is considered one of the most powerful if not even the most powerful governments there is. In LTT there are few changes making it less optimal for all situations. You only get one unit not unhappy about going to fight wars - no matter how big cities you have. The empire size is also smaller generating a new unhappy citized after each 16 new cities.

Federation has a 50% bonus for science but it does not have the trade bonus of republic and democracy.

Communism has the lowest possible rate for corruption and waste. It's also great for large empires.

About units

In LTT there are 9 veteran levels starting from Green and ending with Elite 3. Promotions can't be bought and you get the military units promoted only by attacking or defending with them.

Each promotion also adds to the moves the unit has. Because of this the highly promoted units may be able to perform tasks not possible for less experienced troops.

Early units

The early units usually have 2x moves. The warrior has 2 moves and the horsemen 4 moves. This is like this to make the early wars slightly less convenient for the attacker. Later in the game the units will usually have 3x moves.

- longboat is unique and becomes available at the same time with the trireme. unlike the trireme, longboat is able to enter deep ocean but can oly carry one non military unit.

- horsemen are obsoleted by the chariot. This makes it more difficult to build horsemen in volumes, to be mass upgraded at a later time. The upgrade path for horsemen ends at cavalry. In the previous games it was possible to upgrade cavalries to armors or mech infantries but with the LTT ruleset this is no longer possible. The previous upgrade path made the governments with plenty of gold production too powerful.

- knights are more powerful and have 4 moves.

mid game units

There are some new mid game units

- the square-rigged caravel is the first one able to carry heavy land units - or more specifically one unit at a time. It's also the first one able to attack on non native tiles meaning it can kill units on the shores.

- the early frigate is unique and one player can only have one of the kind at once. it's more powerful and faster compared to the regular frigates

- the ironclad is not a new unit but unlike with some other rulesets, it's not obsoleting the frigate. Instead it's possible to build frigates and ironclads at the same era. The ironclad is slow compared to the frigate but it has excellent defensive capabilities and it's also a dangerous opponent if it's able to catch your wooden ships.

late game units

- the barge will obsolete trireme with engineering. the barge is not able to enter deep ocean tiles but it has the ability to travel on river tiles, just like it's predecessor, the trireme.

- the submarines need fuel in LTT ruleset. this means that they need to return to a base to refuel after 6 turns. The submarines are also not able to carry missiles or nuclear weapons.

- the nuclear submarine is able to carry missiles and nuclear weapons but it's only available with nuclear power. The nuclear submarine also needs to return to a base after 10 turns, allowing it to reach distant locations.

- the missile is a new unit able to attack helicopters, other missiles and also other air units. It's a great unit for fighting against enemy air attacks. it however has relatively small range.

- the fusion missile is a very late game unit and while it's fusion powered, it's designed to use conventional warheads. It's able to attack very fart away targets and it is able to remain on air for 3 turns.

- the Operative is the ultimate espionage unit. It's able to move ignoring the terrain and this makes it extremely powerful.

- with fusion technology it becomes possible to build a variety of fusion powered units like fusion armor, fusion battleship, fusion bomber and fusion fighter. These new wonder units are more powerful but not always the optimal choice for attacking the enemy. Some people might say they are there for the bragging rights. Then again in some cases they can be extremely useful.

- the cargo bomber is able to move units like spies. This may be extremely handy in the late game since it's the first air unit able to move them.

- riflemen are not obsoleted by the marines but instead they can be upgraded to infantry. The infantry units are more powerful and great for defending your cities.

- nuclear missiles have no home city and no upkeep. This also applies to nuclear submarines. This allows the players to have nukes on the sea and retaliate even if the player lost cities.

- the first nuclear bomb unit becomes available with manhattan project and with nuclear fission. The first nuclear bomb unit is unique and the player can have only one of it's kind at once.

- the regular nukes (not unique) become available with manhattan project and robotics.


The techs are made more expensive towards the end game. Compared to most rulesets the final techs may cost up to 7 times what they cost on a single player games. The tech costs start to rise roughly when gunpowder is invented.

Unlike with some other rulesets the great library and isaac's only give 25% boost to libraries and universities instead of the 50% in the past games.

city improvements and small wonders

Most of the green energy buildings are now a reasonable choice for those players who care about the environment. The cost of the eco friendly power plants is now less than they used to be.

The 2nd palace becomes available with Theology and this may be tricky for some players because Theology also obsoletes the Temple of Artemis.

The SDI for defending against the nuclear missiles is now split into 3 phases. You can build each phase with flight, laser and space flight. Each of those phases add 30% to the probability of shooting down the attacking nuclear missile. The max probability of shooting down the attacking nukes is 90% with all of the 3 SDI buildings. The exception to this is the palace city where the first SDI phase makes the city 100% nuclear proof.

Most of the Great Wonders are now small wonders anyone can build. The small wonders cost less and obsolete really fast. This makes them buildings not everyone needs to build but instead the players may evaluate if they need the wonders for the relatively short period of time they are effective.

The Great Wall is not too expensive and adds 25% to the defense of all the cities. It's however obsoleted when the owner of the great wall discovers gunpowder. This makes it very handy for those players who are involved in a war and are also not going to discover gunpowder as soon as possible.

Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum is thought to have been a sanctuary and necropolis. It pre-dates bronze age and was one of the first, if not the first, shrines built. With this wonder, the city having it will get +6 additional lux. The effect of this very early wonder ends with the invention of bronze. This makes it one of the first or even the first small wonder that gets built and obsoleted. The additional lux allows the player to make the city to celebrate. Celebrating cities do not have the penalty for despotism and tribalism. The downside is that if you need to have phalanxes, this wonder will be obsoleted if you invent the secret of bronze.

Stock markets become available after industrialization, with the corporation. This makes it more reasonable to pick other than trade based governments.

Banks cost less and give a bonus of 25% instead of 50%.

Trade Center (working name) is a new building and becomes available with economics. It gives additional 25% bonus to trade.

tech trading and research

The techs become cheaper to the other players once the players discover them. For example, if a tech costs 30 bulbs and 50% of the players know the tech, the next player discovering it will get the tech for 15 bulbs. The purpose of this effect is to make the game more hard for the advanced players and more playable for those who are not that familiar with the game. With this rubber band effect most of the players remain competitive for a longer time.

The conventional tech trading is disabled but instead the players are able to use the unique Scholar unit for discovering new technologies. The scholar can travel to distant countries and steal technologies. The actual chance of getting the tech may vary from game to game but it is planned to be something like 50% or more. If the player decides to go for a specific technology, the chance is chance*chance meaning that with a 50% chance to steal it would be 0.5*0.5=0.25% chance to succeed.

The diplomats, spies and operatives can't steal techs.

great wonders

Marco Polo increases trade output by 30% in all cities for all the players. The player owning this wonder is the only one able to build the Trade Company.

The trade company can only be built by the player owning Marco Polo. The Trade company adds 10% trade for the player who owns it. This makes it a bonus for the player building Marco Polo.

The Atlantic Telegraph Company becomes available with electricity and makes the world a smaller place by giving every human player and embassy with all the human players.

#19 Re: Ruleset analysis and discussion » Reflections on the LT51 ruleset » 2020-07-08 20:03:28

Trade Center is a generic name that shoud be changed. It's more like a working name for the effect.

The Lighthouse is maybe not for everyone because of the high cost but the idea is that it will allow some strategies that will really need the extra move. It's not supposed to be a wonder that everyone must build. Actually, in the future, many of the small wonders will be obsoleted sooner and should be built if the player really needs the effect. This is instead of everyone needing to build them.

Invention has been the traditional tech for less expensive upgrades but maybe we could do that at a later time? That would actually make sense so that there would be need to rush for some other tech after gunpowder has been invented. How about Theory of Gravity?

Cavalries used to be obsoleted by armors and then mech inf and the problem is that this allows the players to get some really powerful units really really fast and this is a problem in the late game.

Moving fundamentalism to feudalism is definitely intended as a way to make feudalism more interesting. There is now a downside to switching to funda so let's see how this works out. It's also intended to make funda slightly more tricky to handle.

This strong knights should make pikes almost obsolete. Maybe not quite but they should be useful. In the past crusaders were supposed to be kind of early alternative to gunpowder but now the new knights are supposed to offer an alternative to pikes while making pikes less useful as defensive units and making the invention of gunpowder more important.

Sq cara could be more expensive and also able to carry all the units maybe but only one of them. The question is if it should be obsoleted by transports or the galleon? Maybe transport. The galleon could also move all the units sq cara but without the attack capability. And the galleon should also be able to carry all land units.

I feel that the frigates should have less D compared to A because they are made of wood and surprise is kind of the thing with them. For ironclads we could do the opposite so that it would be tricky to attack them with another ironclad. How about A6 D5? I'll add that now. The prime feature for the flagship frigate is the fast speed and more attack but it can't really have too good defense because it's still a product of the sailing age and made of wood. It however has HP22 so it's not that bad.

We used to have the citybuster flag off for catapult and cannon... Should we turn those back off?

I wonder if there would be a way to turn on the citybuster flag or similar for the siege units - against the forts?

Doubling the FP instead of HP would be a big change...

#20 Re: Ruleset analysis and discussion » Reflections on the LT51 ruleset » 2020-07-07 12:26:44

Thanks for your analysis for LT51. There will be some changes based on it. Actually many changes.

The gold multiplier buildings have been discussed for a while and the issue was known but nothing was really done to it. Except some late game changes. Here is what will be changed for the next game:

- while marketplaces will remain as they are now, banks will only give 25% bonus and there will be a new building "Trade Center" that will also give 25% bonus. The Trade Center will become available with economics and both bank and trade center will cost slightly more than the old bank used to cost.
- stock markets will be available with corporation, making them effectively available only after industrialization.

This is not a massive change some people maybe expected and it will not change the game too much. Instead it should only slow down the economy and make it slightly harder to follow the old path for a killer economy.

Democracy will have a smaller empire size and empire size step. Both will be 16. This may delay people from switching to demo.

The Great Lighthouse will remain costing 200 shields. It has been very useful in some of the past games and getting that bonus should come with a high price. We can evaluate this again later.

The unit upgrades are now more expensive until late game. The discovery of invention will reduce the upgrade cost by 20% and later with robotics the players will get a 30% cut to the cost of upgrading units.

Now those changes that will really change some upgrade strategies:

- cavalries will not be obsoleted
- horses will be obsoleted by chariots
- riflemen are obsoleted by a new unit called infantry. This unit will not have the ability to attack from the sea

Also not only related to upgrading units, fundamentalism will become available with feudalism. Warriors will be obsoleted by pikemen that will also become available with feudalism. This means that players can still use the warrior upgrading strategies but may need to choose monarchy or republic if they want to do that.

Knights will get a boost but with a slight penalty. Knights will have attack of 6 and defense of 3 but with only 4 moves.

S-R Caravel is not changed for now but maybe it should be slightly more expensive and not unique for the island games. The island games should have slightly different ruleset compared to continental games. This would also help with siege units.

The frigates used to have the traditional Civ2Civ3 A and D values but now they have A4 and D3.

Ironclads will have A6 and D5 but they will lose one move with this change so that they now have 10 moves.

No change to artillery at this time. This needs more thought.

Cruisers indeed have D8 and A4 on purpose and it's definitely intentional.

Also no change to the forts. Forts are powerful but they are not always that useful.

Comments and feedback is welcome. I think we should test this on the next game and revert back if this stuff doesn't work.

#21 How to play the game » mmm2's quick guide for how to play the game » 2020-06-07 11:46:04

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Here is one quick guide mmm2 wrote. It was written for LT34 but it's still quite relevant. The current games (and the future games after making this post) may have some buildings removed, some added or some other stuff affecting the gameplay. Those new features may allow new ways of doing stuff but this guide is still very good one. In addition to this take care of the defense and talk with other players. If you talk, they may not attack you that easily.

mmm2's guide:

spoiler alert: if you haven't had the time to run localhost test games like i have, you may want to follow this oversimplified guide, but otherwise it may be fun to follow your own steps....

spolier guide:
set tax to maximum until you have libraries in all cities (preferably universities too). in this ruleset science is very fast, and you should be able to get all the early techs with 80% or 70% tax ( I prefer republic because it gives slight advantage, and lets you max 80% instead of 70% for monarchy).
1: build pyramids
2: build hanging gardens (this will allow you to grow city 1 additional size without requiring martial law, temple, or entertainer)
3: build temples in all cities + temple of artmitis to double effect of temples
4: marketplaces ( in some cities you may even build marketplaces before temples if very fast production and low food)
5: court houses in most cities (maybe optionally in cities too close to palace)
6:banks (in some cities building banks before court houses if cities are really near palace)
7:caravans (rush build marco polo)
8.aquaducts, harbors in certain cities with fish/whales
9:stock exchange, and build michaelangelo's at same time)
10:build libraries, and start saving gold (you will want to wait until some player builds isaac newton, or build it yourself before max science)
10b: build universities to get key techs like refrigeration, railroad, etc. Think about setting back to max tax if you see Isaac Newton's isn't built.
11:build granary+supermarket (you may want to build granaries in some cities beforehand but probably not all until supermarkets)..
12: sewer systems
13: factories, powerplant
14: build tons units, wait for plastics to build mnfct plants... build other misc improvements like port facil, airports, barracks 3, etc...

some other notes:
** choose government according to your circumstance. If you are in peaceful area, republic + democracy are best choices, but for early action monarchy+communism are best choices.
** granary micromanagement: be sure to micromanage your surpluses, and shift resources between cities, so to avoid having situations arise such as being 39/40 in granary (for this case, be sure to set surplus to +1 food, and everything else to high production). Early in game shifting resources between cities is easy, but later in game, it can be very time consuming. However, you will lose tempo every turn if you do not micromanage, especially in early phase of game.
** once you have refrigeration it is great to have as many cities as possible having exactly 30 food surplus each turn, so city grows every turn. Try to use every single tile on island as quickly as possible to max out production and economy potential of island..
** rush building wonder: try to get your palace to produce 35+ production points very early in game, so you can produce marco polo's as fast as possible. It seems to work best to build it only from palace, but you may want to get help from a few other cities if they've finished building their improvements really fast, but in my tests, about 80-90% of marco polo's was built from production by palace, and slightly less from michaelanagelo's..
** if you are needing theology, be sure to save up production points to build js bachs.. js bachs will be needed to replace temple of artmetis when it expires from learning theology.
** if you are in battlefield setting, be sure to make your cities unbribable (the two ways are to build mausolos small wonder or switch to democracy).
**possibly best tip: try to get as many as possible top players on your team such as edrim, wieder, kryon, stratthinker. That way you will have greater chance to win, and be able to compare your progress to theirs by sharing vision, and ask for tips, etc.
**if you need fast defense, it's best to plan in advance and build barracks from city with +30 production, then you can produce 3 veteran warriors from that city each turn, and quickly fill your cities with defenders. next build leonardo's workshop, and get gunpowder (then all  warriors will be upgraded to musketeers - a great deal because you only paid 10 shields instead of 40 shields for each unit). another great strategy is too accumulate veteran horses, and then upgrade them to cavalries, athough this is possibly bad because of the unit upkeep in gold/production shields) - generally it's best to keep unit upkeep as low as possible early in game...
** be confident in yourself even if you are underdog, and don't accept bitch-deals like being vassal.

Following these steps, it's typical to get all the essential improvements up to factories, power plants, and mnfct plants by around T110 to T125 (depending how much stuff you want to build in your cities.. after power plants, pace of building rapidly increases)....

#22 LT53 » LT53 has started » 2020-05-27 21:47:29

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The first turn has been extended 3*23h and after that the turns will be 23h.

Good luck with the game!

#23 Re: LT53 » Game recording » 2020-05-27 00:40:24

All players, we are planning to record the in-game actions for a replay. Because of the late announcement any player playing the game can object this and the recording will not be published. In this case the recordings would be used for development purposes only.

Please comment here about your thoughts about it.

#24 LT53 » The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT53 » 2020-05-26 23:38:37

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Here you have the rules and winning conditions for LT53:

Because of the late time of posting this, the admin may update the winning conditions during T0. No big changes. Unless the rules are finalized before the start. We need comments about idler handling.

All players, we are planning to record the in-game actions for a replay. Because of the late announcement any player playing the game can object this and the recording will not be published. In this case the recordings would be used for development purposes only.

Here is the ruleset:


New rule regarding delegations:

Idlers can be replaced by new players. However because of balancing issues, the other team can object and prevent the replacement player from joining the game. In this case the team is however allowed to exceed the delegation limits if the alternative would be having an idling nation.


If an idler is not replaced the team will have one week to move for the idler. After that week the idler needs to be delegated to a player with less score than the delegated player. If no one else has less score the player can be delegated to a player with the lowest possible score.

After that one week, if the player moving for the idler has more score, the team is allowed to login and move for the idler 2 times during the next 5 turns. How to know what is a 5 turn slot? The game is divided into 5 turns slots for this purpose. 0-4, 5-9, 10-14 etc... If the slot is not full 5 turns after the week of going idle, it's allowed to move 1 or 2 times. 1 times for 1-2 turns and 2 times for 3-4 turns. The other team can choose to enforce this rule or ignore it. It can be negotiated. If enforced the idler needs to remain untouched for those other 3 turns during the 5 turn slot. The penalty may be removal of the delegation for few turns and this is decided by the game admin.

If it's ok to the other team, the delegated player can be delegated to anyone with no login limitations. The teams can negotiate about this. The intention is to avoid situations where the best players also play the delegated nations.

However: no idler limitations for the first 20 turns.

If you stay online more than 6 hours during one turn, any player can ask the admin to kick you out of the game. The kick out time is a short one. Playing for more than 1 nations makes this time 8 hours and that's the max.

Winning conditions, several possibilities to win or end the game:

Team victory. The winners need to announce the victory on the forum and if no one alive objects in 5 days the game will end. That's 5*24h. Player with a delegation can object.

The game can also be ended by for claiming an in-game score based victory. In this case the players are ranked with the in-game score. There are full 7 days (7*24h) to object this and the game admin needs to approve the score based ending of the game. This kind of ending is unusual and the approving is there just to make sure it's not somehow accidental or something like that. Common sense will be used and the game will not be artificially extended by disapproving this. If needed the game admin will /take nations for getting the score. Preferably someone from both teams would publish the scores. This will require someone to have embassies with everyone.

Server ending the game will result players ranked with the score. This doesn't mean admin ending the game if it doesn't happen because of some other winning condition being matched.

If everyone alive is surrendering or announcing to quit playing the game will be ended. Idling for more than 3 turns equals to that.

Since this is a team game, any team member may be delegated to another team member if someone is idler (not online) for full turn. That means actual turn, not 23 hours. In this case ask for admin to delegate. It's not guaranteed that the admin is there to delegate so please have the delegations set up beforehand.

All players can have a delegation set up for all the time. If someone goes idle, a pre-defined player can take over.

One player should only control one nation + one delegated nation at once. However with the permission of the admin one player can control more nations for a short time. Short time is less than a week. If this is exceeded there must a a really really really good reason for that and the admin will decide if the reason is good enough. It should really be a good one. New players joining the game after start can have 0 + 1 nations delegated while those playing from the start can have 1 + 1.

You can only delegate for players in the same team. All the other delegations will be set by the admin or with the permission of the admin. See the chance to object delegating idlers to new players.
There may be administrative actions if a player plays against his/her team or tries to do similar stuff. In this case the account of this player may be disabled and/or the nation of that player may be given away. It's even possible (while unlikely) to remove a player from a team. Let's play fair game, have fun and this is not necessary.

The game admin will interpret the rules of there is a problem. If there is trouble interpreting the rules we will ask that on the forum/discord/in-game chat.

If there is a game breaking bug the ruleset can be fixed. If it's just an annoyance or like a really powerful but cheap unit, a change is not made. Again, common sense. This is not done without something really serious happening. The game help can be fixed while the game is running but it may not be updated to the actual game since it requires a reload.

The github comments are documenting the changes made to the ruleset and the in-game help is a pretty good one. Just remember that it's possible that there are errors even while we have tried to fix the in-game help texts. You can also ask me and the others here, on irc or on discord about the game.

If there is a real issue of players not playing the game, the admin can allow the players to exceed the delegation limits. This is to keep the game fair.

Good luck with LT53 and have fun!

#25 LT53 » Confirm your participation on LT53 » 2020-05-21 22:53:51

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LT53 will be started in May 26th. Confirmations will be closed few days before the start.


This game will be using Multiplayer 3 Warciv ruleset and it will be a team game.

The signups for teamless LT54 (Longturn traditional ruleset) will be opened once LT53 starts.

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