#1 Re: Ruleset analysis and discussion » Nukes » 2020-04-06 19:09:06

I think this is not the first time nukes are being discussed on this forum. And I have already spoken my bit in the previous ones. But here emerges one thing I don't remember commenting yet..

makes it possible for the missile to do a lot of scouting before exploding which doesn't really make sense.

Howt about

vision_radius_sq = 0


#2 Re: LT50 » Autonomous units (failure) » 2020-01-21 19:52:06

There is also a server setting called autotoggle that might be a reason for such behavior. But then it should affect all players, not just one as it seems to be the case here.

/help: Option: autotoggle  -  Whether AI-status toggles with connection
/help: Description:
/help:   If enabled, AI status is turned off when a player connects, and on
/help:   when a player disconnects.
/help: Status: changeable
/help: Value: disabled, Default: disabled

Say '/show autotoggle' on chat to check this out.

#3 Re: LT50 » LT50 has started » 2020-01-10 17:11:39

nutzer wrote:

Question is: what is the entire set of /-commands available. Nobody knows.

nutzer wrote:

The in-game help has some tips for using the in-game chat.

That is, try typing "/help commands".

#4 Re: LT50 » LT50 will be 2.5, based on LT49, here are the proposed changes » 2019-12-17 19:12:53

Corbeau wrote:

I'd make a nuke cost 500 shields, dead serious.

I'd second that if I had a voice. Also I'd suggest giving it the "unique" flag as we did in our private games back in the days.
For reference: our nuke costed 666 shields.

#5 Re: other » We are doing maintenance work » 2019-07-24 07:23:02

Corbeau wrote:

Everything that exists in the settings has been changed from .org to .net. Wieder has been trying to fix this for months, including diving into the database, but no luck so far.

Checked the header.php file for hard-coded links? In the current version (just downloaded 1.5.11) the forum title part links to "index.php" and description part to nothing.

header.php wrote:

// START SUBST - <pun_title>
$tpl_main = str_replace('<pun_title>', '<h1><a href="index.php">'.pun_htmlspecialchars($pun_config['o_board_title']).'</a></h1>', $tpl_main);
// END SUBST - <pun_title>

// START SUBST - <pun_desc>
$tpl_main = str_replace('<pun_desc>', '<div id="brddesc">'.$pun_config['o_board_desc'].'</div>', $tpl_main);
// END SUBST - <pun_desc>

#6 Re: other » We are doing maintenance work » 2019-07-17 17:22:00

HanduMan wrote:

What is the purpose of that new link upper left saying "http://forum.longturn.net" but actually points to longturn.org which appears to be quite unsafe to visit IMO?

OK, now the text has been changed to "Longturn Forum" as the title for this forum, but the link is still pointing to longturn.org.

html wrote:

<a href="http://longturn.org/">Longturn forum</a>

Also the forum description under the title is a hyperlink to forum.longturn.org.

html wrote:

<a href="http://forum.longturn.org/">Discussions about Longturn games, LT rulesets and other topics of interest</a>

I'm pretty sure there is some setting in the admin control panel of this forum for changing or removing those links.

#7 Re: other » We are doing maintenance work » 2019-06-30 15:48:22

What is the purpose of that new link upper left saying "http://forum.longturn.net" but actually points to longturn.org which appears to be quite unsafe to visit IMO?

#8 Re: LT47 » LT47 will be (hopefully) the first 2.6 game » 2019-01-13 11:15:04

Vladimir wrote:

and these strange squares I get only after trying to connect to 5047.

So it's a different message then. Obviously the game server has not yet been started so there is nothing to connect to. Maybe it's trying to tell you that with those squares?

Corbeau wrote:

Best way is to check this forum once per day.

Also, it will be 2.5, not 2.6. You open the client, click "Connect to internet game" and enter

port: 5047

So, have patience. And whe someone finally announces that the server is up, connect with 2.5 client as the server wil probably refuse clients of higher main version.

#9 Re: LT47 » LT47 will be (hopefully) the first 2.6 game » 2019-01-12 12:03:43

Vladimir wrote:


but why am I seeing this:

There's something wrong with your language pack and/or character set used in the game's notification area. It's trying to tell you that there exists a newer version (2.6.0) of Freeciv and you are using an old one.

#10 Re: How to play the game » Questions » 2018-12-24 11:35:10

Corbeau wrote:

About "2D map", just choose Trident tileset.

Not that simple with 2.6. As the screenshots show, trident is already chosen for non-isometric square ("Overhead") maps. So the map generated by the server must also be of non-isometric square topology for that tileset to be used by the client.

#11 Re: How to play the game » Questions » 2018-12-22 10:49:23

Vladimir wrote:

but now. i connect to LT42. (screen)

That was not 'the' LT42 hosted by longturn.org but a random game running on metaserver with LT42 settings.

Vladimir wrote:
Very_very_long_username wrote:

Also how do I chat in private with another player?

I think you mean here is: Checkbox "Only allies"
http://forum.freeciv.org/f/download/fil … d=1486&t=1

Freeciv client - Help - Chatline wrote:

The client has a primitive chat interface. The lines you type are sent to all players, or only to your allies if the client is configured for that, except:

  - Messages starting with '/' are interpreted as server commands and executed, if you have the required access level.

  - Messages starting with 'John:' are private messages to 'John'. Names can be abbreviated, or surrounded with double-quotes if they have spaces. The server looks for players named 'John' and if that fails tries to match a username beginning with 'John' (like 'Johnathan').

  - Messages starting with 'John::' are private messages as above, but will match only users (not players) named 'John'. A user name 'Johnathan' will still be matched.

  - Messages starting with ':' will be sent to everyone (even if your client is configured to send only to allies by default).

  - Messages starting with '.' will be sent only to all your allies (or, if you're a global observer, only to other global observers).

Vladimir wrote:

where 2D-map?

The map is defined by the server running the game and the client uses a respective tileset to display it. The map in this case is set as  'Isometric'. I'm assuming this is a local game satarted by yourself. If you want the map to be flat 2D then you should uncheck the 'Isometric' checkbox in More Game Options... Geological tab - Map topology index group when starting a new game.

#12 Re: New and current games » Trireme movement on river » 2018-10-27 12:29:45

Wahazar wrote:
HanduMan wrote:

Not exactly restricting the diagonal movement on rivers but setting move_mode to cardinal should help a bit?

It is already cardinal movement mode for river, but works for land units as movement bonus for cardinal movements. But there is currently no way to affect triremes using ruleset.
My patch proposal - use movement mode also for restricting movement possibilities: http://forum.freeciv.org/f/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=90753

OK, I didn't think it through it seems. Thanks for correcting.

Using hexaconal topology would eliminate this problem. In square topology, if diagonally connected squares have river then the river flows between them diagonally. Only most (if not all) square tilesets don't show it due to lack of suitable tiles. That's what is causing the confusion. On the other hand setting move_mode to cardinal kind of suggests that rivers don't flow diagonally, so your proposal is valid. Have you submitted it in freeciv bug tracking system as feature request? Might get better noticed by the developers.

#13 Re: New and current games » Trireme movement on river » 2018-10-27 10:21:46

The base problem is that square topology which allows movevent to 8 directions for all units. Using (iso-)hex topology in ruleset and a compatible tileset is less confusing.

Also, I think I have seen some ruleset options to control movement along rivers and roads. Must check that...

EDIT: Well, found something.

terrain.ruleset wrote:

; move_cost               = how much movement it takes to travel
;                           via this road (in fractional move points, as
;                           defined by move_fragments)
; move_mode               = how movement costs are applied
;   - "NoBonus"    = Road gives no movement bonuses (move_cost ignored)
;   - "Cardinal"   = Road cost applies only on cardinal moves
;   - "Relaxed"    = Road cost is normal for cardinal, double for diagonal moves
;   - "FastAlways" = Road cost applies always between two tiles with the roads
;                    (default)

Not exactly restricting the diagonal movement on rivers but setting move_mode to cardinal should help a bit?

#14 Re: other » Longboat and Flagship graphics » 2018-07-16 16:55:26

Wahazar wrote:

For trident method of it is not working (error was thrown)

There should be no difference between tilesets how the spec files are processed. The spec files need to end with (at least one) empty line. Maybe that was the problem with trident?

If you are going to include more special graphics I think the best practise would be to create a new img file for all new sprites with supporting spec file and add that spec file in the file list in the .tilespec file.

#15 Re: New and current games » The next more experimental game » 2018-06-18 19:03:48

The tileset used by a player is totally up to them. It is a client issue, nothing to do with the server. The server does not use any tileset in any way.

There is no 'dedicated' tileset defined by a ruleset, only 'preferred'. A client can join a game without having that preferred tileset installed/downloaded. The client does not have to find all graphics defined in ruleset. It should be able to find at least one for each item that needs it. For example, units.ruleset can define two sprites for each unit. They are

; graphic       = tag specifying preferred graphic
; graphic_alt	= tag for alternate graphic if preferred graphic is not
;		  present; especially if preferred graphic is non-standard,
;		  this should be a standard tag.  Otherwise can use eg "-"
;		  for no alternate graphic.

As the explanation says, if you introduce a new unit and wish it to be shown different from existing units you should define a new gfx as 'graphic' and set 'graphic_alt' to "u.warriors" or some other standard unit that could represent your new unit in tilesets that do not include your new gfx. Here is one of mine:

name          = _("Super Soldier")
class         = "Land"
tech_req      = "Genetic Engineering"
obsolete_by   = "None"
graphic       = "u.super_soldier"
graphic_alt   = "u.fanatics"

Which means that with standard tilesets like Amplio2 or trident my Super Soldeiers look like Fanatics units but with my own tileset they look like The Incredible Hulk.

The only way to prevent a client from free choice of tileset is to define both graphics as non-standard. But I see no point in doing such thing.

I would like to know what wieder is referring to with 'fallback sprites'.

About creating/modifying tilesets: http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Editing_tilesets (this is a lot more than you are looking for but it's in there somewhere).

#16 Re: New and current games » Hexes? » 2017-12-04 07:33:35

Corbeau wrote:

So, is anyone here actually against hexes?

Nice ;-)

I personally prefer hex maps over square ones. Some people even say squares feel kind of cheating because you can reveal a lot more tiles with same amount of moves compared to hex.

So, if this is going to be a poll, my vote goes to (isometric) hex maps.

#17 Re: other » Seriously off topic stuff about months in Finnish :D » 2017-11-22 20:11:51

wieder wrote:

Here is the listing with exact translations

Hmm. I would rather call August "Harvest Moon" and November "Dying Moon" (or maybe some more poetic word for it) since "Death" is more like the Grim Reaper tongue

#18 Re: other » Bug report: LT game page(s) » 2017-11-22 20:04:20

Try logging in first.

It's trying to tell you that you have no business peeping on anybody's privates if you do not log in first. Normally, the first line would be enough but they seem to have some debugging setup active on the site.

#19 Re: ScenarioGame 1 » Help for how to play with native client and with LT rulesets? » 2017-10-07 13:37:10

wieder wrote:

Effectively this would be the same as it's today but without the working tiles in the dark.

But it would not. You see, currently the cities can work those unseen tiles when the city grows and the game decides the distribution of workers on behalf of the player. But the player can not assign workers there. That is why this is definitely a bug.

If you really want to push players into keeping their cities occupied then your proposal ("How about this") sounds about the right way to do that.

#20 Re: ScenarioGame 1 » Help for how to play with native client and with LT rulesets? » 2017-10-07 11:40:16

Caedo: See? big_smile

If a city has a designated working area and I, as a player, cannot assign a worker on any tile inside that working area then it is a bug. Unless the tile renders unworkable by some setting in ruleset, of course. The discussion about keeping cities occupied or not is off-topic when we are talking about city working area and vision.

#21 Re: ScenarioGame 1 » Help for how to play with native client and with LT rulesets? » 2017-10-05 22:23:36

Caedo wrote:

What exactly is the purpose behind the reduced city vision?

No purpose. It's a bug but people here refuse to see it as such.

#22 Re: other » Experiences with technology trading in LongTurn games » 2017-08-08 05:27:52

Marduk wrote:

Question: I noticed that when one of my cities was captured in LT38, that player stole a tech from me. How big is the chance to steal a tech when capturing a city? How about in Freeciv-web, can players steal techs by capturing cities?

There is a 100% chance to steal a random tech, provided that there are techs unknown to the conquerer of course. The game does not tell you if the other player succeeded in keeping the stolen tech though. There is a chance, defined by ruleset in use, to lose a tech when receiving it by stealing or treaty. In your freeciv client, select Game - Options - Remote server - Scientific tab and look for "Chance to lose a technology while receiving it".

#23 Re: other » Off Topic: sightseeing in north Scandinavia » 2017-07-29 15:10:08

Well, Helsinki is not the whole Finland ;-)

When you continue your joureny from there I would like to suggest you to take an eastern route towards the north. Maybe even route number 6 through the Saimaa district. It is a little bit longer but a lot less boring than the most obvoius E75. Scenerywise, that is. And, as a civ player, you might want to pop in Savonlinna to see the wolrds northernmost medieval castle still standing, Olavinlinna. It really is worth seeing.

Also up north heading towards Nordkapp I would take the route via Inari, Karigasniemi and Lakselv. Less driving back and forth the same roads that way. And around Lakselv there are some nice spots to take a dip in the Arctic Sea (a must whenever one goes up there ;-)). I know the Treriksröset would be on the Muonio-Kilpisjärvi alternative but there's only about 40 km distance from Skibotn to Finnish border on your way back from Nordkapp.

#24 Re: LT38 » Partisans » 2017-06-02 15:05:02

I fail to see the point here. Why homeless? If it's for no upkeep then why not just make them free from it?

#25 Re: LT38 » Does anyone know if it would be possible to make coastals visible? » 2017-04-23 08:53:39

You can flag it as visible by others.

; ** Building flags **
; "VisibleByOthers"  = Anyone who can see your city knows whether it has
;                      this improvement. (Great and small wonders are
;                      always visible.)
name		= _("Coastal Defense")
genus		= "Improvement"
flags		= "VisibleByOthers"  ; <===========
reqs	=
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Tech", "Navigation", "Player"
      "TerrainClass", "Oceanic", "Adjacent"
graphic	= "b.coastal_defense"
graphic_alt	= "-"
obsolete_by	= "None"
build_cost	= 60
upkeep		= 1
sabotage	= 100
sound		= "b_coastal_defense"
sound_alt	= "b_generic"
; /* xgettext:no-c-format */
helptext	= _("\
Gives a +100% bonus to the intrinsic defense strength of units within \
a city when defending against enemy ships. For small cities the defense \
strength is doubled by this improvement; for cities larger than size 8, \
it is increased by two-thirds.\

I have not tested if it shows up in the list of buildings by middle-click. I think it should.

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