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wieder wrote:


Also, great quote!

Thank you!

I do think that experimenting should only be done with LTeX and
the respawning one that was so popular a few years ago.

I also think that LTeX is more in line with Longturn original spirit
than the current 'formal' frame set.

Making a restriction might be a good idea or not, it should be tried in LTeX...

Doing a scenario game should also be tried under LTeX first.

I think that setting a good LTeX should be a priority in this group, since there is too much
experimentation to do, all the time.

See you in LTeX, haha!

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Congratulations to all winners!!

I also want to thank everybody for their time and participation.

I do hold everybody in the Longturn community in high respect.

Like Vegas and Hockey, I think that, what happens in a Longturn game
should stay in that game.

This game was probably closer in style to Railroad Tycoon
than anything else. smile   That is not bad in itself but
it was not what I signed for.  To reiterate some
of my opinions, I think that Longturn is moving away from its
original goal of not requiring too much time from a player.
I do not wish to devote my time to a game that will increase my
chances of winning as I invest more time in it.

Wieder's comment about having Drew in the winner circle is really
what I expected the outcome to be.  Unfortunatly, I think
the motivation was too low at that point for our players to have any
goals at all.  But, to be clear, the general idea was, at one point,
what Wieder's suggested.  In my mind, if no where else.

I wanted to post some last quotes on the game but I missed my
opportunity window, so I will do it here. 

I asked Wieder for some suggestions, and he gave me a great
one about "We shall meet again" a song played in the movie Dr. Strangelove.
That song was supposedly also very popular during WWII.
I thought both these facts (war and nuclear bomb from the movie), should
promote the quote to publication here.  The meaning of the words "We shall meet again" is
also not lost in the context of Longturn. 

This game, however, deserves more if not only
because of its wierdness, maybe because of its eye-opening events.
So, I am also including some words about a great english word producer, Shakespeare,
maybe because the Spears Of Desperations where shaken during this game smile.

I am choosing Pink Floyd as the real multi-functions, multi-meanings quote. 
Vera is the singer associated the most with the song "We'll Meet Again".


Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?  Remember how she said that We would meet again Some sunny day? -- Pink Floyd - Vera


Where shall we three meet again in thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurlyburly 's done, when the battle 's lost and won -- William Shakespeare, Macbeth


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Not a problem.
I tought it could be something like that.
Sort of the same when drew attacked akfaew's destroyer.

You will have to do something about those flags mistakes...

Happy game!

#4 LT36 » End of NAP, end of game? » 2016-04-09 08:20:22

Replies: 11

I am not certain that I will be able to login next turn. 
That is why I am expressing myself here.

Edrim, I thought we had a NAP until T100.  Didn't you just confirmed that to
me on the chat window a few turns ago?

I am not sure what was your point of getting my last city.  I will assume that
you wanted to render a service to me.  Assuming yourself, that I wanted to
stop playing and finishing me quickly.

I know that communicating is not your strong point, but you could have concerted
with me first.  My own policy on this is to only help people that have asked me.

So I take it, that the other players in our alliance are not obligated
to respect our NAP anymore.

Would you like to tell me why do you think that this game will no go past T100?

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wieder wrote:

T60 and this?

"I do think that Drew deserves to be part of the winning 'pack'.  I think that anybody that reaches the level he has, without artifices, deserves some recognition."

Although I sent caravans his way to establish trade routes around T66-67, he hasn't established himself until arounf T75 I think.
Before that he managed to stay in top 3 Demographics (and most of the time first) in pop, settled area, research speed and production.
He is still first (T85) at these. 

I find it strange that my single phrase about Drew attracted so much attention.
For me, that was only a detail in the whole process. 

Most of the veterans in our group do not care about scores or ranks.

I would like our 'newbies' to have the option of caring or not about scores/ranks, that's all.

What about the other issues?  Are we terminating?  Can we have a vote?  How can we organize an end to this?

This is a very big map, We are a very big group.  This 'false' game could very well last until next winter.  Do we all really want that?

Maybe I should hire a consultant on trading from the warclient/warserver bunch?  hehe

#6 Re: LT36 » Winning Post » 2016-03-30 19:03:39

Ok, we (our team) have a very loose organisation.  We do not have any leader, per se.  We work by consensus and up to the
caravaning, it has worked great for us.

I, personnaly discovered that trading was possible on March 1st. (around T60) by doing some tests on my home server.

It took ME, another 2 weeks to figure out the 'capture' trick.  Some of my teammates are saying that we learned it from
some other groups.  That is possible. I am not sure yet, when that happened.

As of today, I am not aware that we have used the 'capture' trick.  I am not complaining here, just explaining.

Personnaly, I am not asking to end the game based on the fact that it is unfair.  I am just saying, this is not the game
I signed up for.  Bravo to the people who used that flaw better than me and let's get it over with.

Caravaning is a LOT of work/time/play that I am not prepared to do.  Specially that Spring (in my country) is coming very fast
and I have a lot of 'unwinterizing' things to do.

These are the reasons I would prefer that game to finish rapidly.

The way I see it, also, is that I can write a winning post at every turn until everybody gets tired of objecting.  haha

I am just realizing that there might be more players that want to finish this game that there are that want to continue.

Is there a way we can have a vote somehow?

#7 Re: LT36 » Winning Post » 2016-03-28 15:51:02

Edrim, your point would be valid if Drew didn't have consistent results accross various circumstances.

About "Big Alliances";
I didn't start this game by saying to myself "Hey I will get the biggest alliance possible.".  It just happenned that way.  Yes, I tend to be friend with my neighbors but there are conditions. 
I usualy initiate contact. If I get no response, I automatically attack, because I see no other options and there is no point in postponing. 
If I get a response, it normally ends with a NAP (explicit or implicit) or
an alliance.

Also, small alliances are useful to players who care about ranking. I do not.

I do not think that the fact I used caravans in the past is relevant here.

Also, to be very clear.

I do not think this game is bad and I do not wish to bring down the spirit.
I only think that I already got the bulk of what this game can offer ME.
I would suggest to everybody I know to play Longturn for a while.  I think it is very enriching.

I DO NOT think admins did something bad.  I trust ALL admins not to cheat and I certainly NOT considering the use of caravans/capture in this game as cheating.  I think finding a glitch in Longturn/Freeciv is fair play, and I CONCEDE the game to the players who used that better than me.

Trolling is not my cup of tea.  But I admit that making a winning post was half driven by a quest for informations.  :-)

Do not worry about me.  If I am forced to continue to play, I WILL find a way to make it interesting other than messing around.

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akfaew wrote:

What? This is nonsensical. If that is the case then I object to my winning post.

When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future.
- HM Queen Elizabeth II

There is no need to insult me here I am just trying to save time.  I also worked hard for 3 months, so is most of the other players.

You know that, at a certain point, the score will grow exponentially.  In another week I do no expect that more than 50% will
make the final 40% of the high score.

Quoting my own Queen to call me a coward shows a very aggressive attitude.  I also think that your quote does not apply.  Knowing when to retreat is a very important part of conducting a war.  Did I offended you somewhere in the past?  If so, I regret it.

#9 Re: LT36 » Winning Post » 2016-03-26 14:02:04

akfaew wrote:

Marking everyone as a winner is super lame in my book. To victory or death. I object.

Please retract your objection.  The difference in power is too great for the game to be of interest for anyone including factual winners.

Forcing us (through ethical reasons) to play is not fair.  Even in chess, one is allowed to resign.

I do not care for ranking so anyone can take my spot in the scores or in the game.

I actually do not even care about my 'in game' reputation since this is my last longturn game.

I only continue to play here by respect of LT traditions.  I am ready to concede victory if that would help.

I do think that Drew deserves to be part of the winning 'pack'.  I think that anybody that reaches the level he has, without artifices, deserves some recognition.

Please reconsider your objection or give us, the poor losers, an alternate quick ending.

#10 Re: LT36 » How to research multiple techs in the same turn » 2016-03-19 07:37:03

edrim wrote:

Sure, you can help them by killing them in a pack of wolf 8 vs 1, that is good lesson. 10 minutes a day, everyday.

Do you have a specific situation (player's name) in mind?  Because I have seen this type of situations more than once in more than one game.
This is part of the basic doing, be stronger by number or be stronger by tech., there is no real strategy.
It is basically a race to big production or a race to high tech.
  So it is down to a racing game not a game of strategy.

#11 Re: LT36 » How to research multiple techs in the same turn » 2016-03-19 07:17:29

edrim wrote:

As far as I remember: once you put more time to think about a game then you have more chance to win then players who has no time and play only 10 minutes per day.

And this is a big part of the problem.  If I remember, the original mission of Longturn was to be able to play freeciv 'without' spending too much time 'each day'.

Most of the changes we made to rulesets and software were targeting that goal.
Now you are saying it is ok that people who spend more time should have more chance.  I say that is the reverse
of the original spirit. 

edrim wrote:

But still your post is something not visible for ages, ...

This sounds very poetic but difficult to get on the first pass.

#12 Re: other » goodbye? » 2016-01-12 12:27:59

Goodbye Maho.  I will always remember you playing the English (I think) in LT5.  You had a very strong geographical defense, hehe
I think you should keep the domain if you wish, and we can remind you each year, but you should also prepare for an automatic transfer, in case you can no longer own it.

#13 Re: LT34 » The test game for LT34 has started » 2015-01-16 15:28:57

wieder wrote:

"after I researched Republic, I had no option to change it either. Apparently bug, and I think it was not on my side. Changing government worked perfectly on local test game."

Did you try reconnecting and doing it again? No one else complained about this and it worked perfectly for me. What is your client version?

It was happening to me on a Non-Longturn server in some of my local games. (using 2.3.2)
I think I mentioned it before on this forum.
It can happens on any government at a certain turn in time.
If I go back a few turns I was able to 'bypass' the bug sometimes.

I still have no idea what is causing it and I can't reproduce it at will.

#14 Re: LTeX25 » LTeX25 preparation » 2014-09-21 18:12:43

I hope the new LTeX will be up soon.

#15 Re: other » auto subscribing » 2014-07-10 19:35:08

Hi Maho, 

That is something I wanted also but I found a way that is working for me.
After login I clic on the "New" at top right in Topics and then
I open each of them in a new tab starting for the oldest. 

Clicking on the date at right will bring you to the exact latest message and not to the top of the topic.

It is the easiest way I found to deal with this forum.

Hope it help.

#16 Re: LadderWars » LW2 - thoughts » 2014-06-04 13:17:44

LTeX24 sounds pretty good right now, but I can wait till September 1st.  I think we should have a permanent LTeX running but I forgot the reason we do not have one.  Automatic kick out (say after 3 idling turns)  and respawn on demand should work good, even during vacation time.

#17 Re: other » Compiling civserver » 2014-04-29 12:45:33

Thank you very much Akfaew!

#18 Re: other » Compiling civserver » 2014-04-28 12:50:45

I am also waiting for that.  Last time I asked Akfaew, he told me that after the previous server crash they lost the repository.  It is a matter for him to reinstall somewhere else (and find the time of course).  Our sysops have a lot to do and they are doing a great job to allow us to play this game.  Let's just hope they have more resources.

#19 Re: LT32 » LT32 Animated Map » 2014-03-28 17:22:31

Thank you Kryon, that is great work!!

From this animation I get that the game took a different turn once
det0r's team invaded the Shriekers.  I did not get that feeling from
just playing the game.

Thank you again!

#20 Re: LT32 » Game Over - Silent Spear has won. » 2014-03-13 17:49:24

Thank you cgalik,  this was indeed an interesting game with very interesting players and ruleset.

My most fun game so far, and the only one I know, with a clear win.

My team mates did work hard (a lot harder than me), but we were also very lucky in multiples ways, including having
a team that was not eroded over time by absense or idling.

I wish to thank everybody for a great game.  My ennemies, for showing me on multiple occasions my own faults,
my team, for showing my ennemies their faults, and Kevin for a great leadership.

I wish to thank also edrim and akfaew for their work on supporting the server, etc.

I will not be playing any LT games for a year or two but I would like to
try some LTeX (of anykind).

"I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self." -- Aristotle

I like to quote people,  it reminds me that I am not as smart as I think I am.

#21 Re: LT32 » Few screenshots of East Germany attacking at T211 (Warning! Amplio:) » 2014-03-13 17:27:26

wieder wrote:

I took few screenshots of lt32 I want to share with people playing the game.

And yeah, I really use the amplio tileset for playing the game, loved by everyone tongue

Using amplio, I always knew you had a devious mind.  :-)

Seriously,  I was there for the last half of the attack and my tought was

"The Wieder has landed!!".


#22 Re: LT32 » Kicked from the game » 2013-10-18 14:14:39

edrim wrote:

Can you write how this rule should be written? I am not as good in english as i want to be so i will not change it because it may be worse then previous.
You know the spirit of this rule so you can write a sentence or quotation for it.

English is not my first language either.  I am against rules generally, and against any current form of governments.  Call it libertarian or even anarchist as you wish.  I already pointed out that I am against this rule.  All this to say that I might not be the best person to ask to formulate a rule.

What I am saying is that if you are putting rule out there, it has to be specific and not subject to interpretation.  You need to use words like "Gamers have to do this and that in this and that situation.".

eg: If we have a RTS flaw in any current game, players must not be signed on into that said game for more that one hour at a time and no more than 4 hours overall, or cumulatively, in any turn.

I hope this will help you.

#23 Re: LT32 » Kicked from the game » 2013-10-16 18:13:43

edrim wrote:
  1. Basic gameplay
    8. It is common courtesy to log out and let your enemy do his moves in peace, after you have done yours.

In my country, "it is common courtesy" to say thank you when someone receives a gift.  It is also "common courtesy"
to hold the door for people to be using the same exit after yourself.  There is no way, that one would be punished or
fined if he did not do these things. 

The wording in this "rule" is very wrong and very confusing.

Also, pertaining to the enforcement of that rule.
As much as I am grateful about the works of administrators here.  It also does not make it a rule when
you agree on something between admins. 

I "forgot" my client open in many occasions in LT31 and LT32.   Maybe it wasn't notice because of ping timeout but still, I am pretty sure that many times
(>50),  I have been online for more that an hour. 

I do not completely reject the spirit of that rule but I do think it is a little bit abusive (even if properly formulated).  I think that rule exist because
we haven't completely removed all the RTS from the game.  As soon as we have no RTS in the game we should not have that rule.
I also would agree that if any new RTS were to be discovered, then that rule would be reinstated.

#24 Re: LT32 » Server down. » 2013-09-21 17:39:39

akfaew wrote:

So many server moves and crashes, so little time smile I'll share a .tgz as soon as I have proper computer access. Or perhaps I already have, I seem to recall? Please search "tgz" or "tar.bz2" thru all my posts or something.

I did, just now and could not find anything.  Thank you very much for answering.  I understand your time limitation on this.

There is one bz2 across the whole forum for Kryon's pictures of LT31 and lots of tgz but only the with the ruleset (including a server in binaries but I have incompatible shared libraries :-( ).

I will wait for when you have time.  I you just post the link in the forum I will notice.

Thanks again!!

#25 Re: LT32 » Server down. » 2013-09-18 23:18:27

Thank you akfaew!!

I had a hunch it would be something similar.
My intuition tells me we are goog for 3-5 turns and then crash again...
If we survive this turn.

Let's see how it goes.

In the mean time,  would you tell me why this does not work? ;

git clone git://git.longturn.org/lt_scripts.git

Thank you again!

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