#2 LT69Hex » Score Victory Declaration » 2022-06-10 13:59:06

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Hi hereby declare that I would like for this game to be finished immediately (or within 5 days if that is not possible) through a score-based ending.

#3 LT69Hex » Renewed victory declaration - TriClad, Nyala and Jwrober » 2022-06-07 12:28:25

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Hi all!

Upon the collapse of the Assyrian empire, a consensus was reached between the two fighting parties. Skier, ruler of the Dutch, and Jee f, ruler of the Carthaginians, have agreed to concede victory to the Celtiberian - Vampire - Scottish alliance. As, such, we renew our victory claim! A new 5 turn-period starts now (T140 - T145).

#4 Re: LT69Hex » Victory declaration - TriClad, Nyala and Jwrober » 2022-06-07 12:23:46

Update: The Dutch have opposed this victory declaration on 2022-06-04. The game continues!

#5 LT69Hex » Victory declaration - TriClad, Nyala and Jwrober » 2022-06-02 15:56:04

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Hi @LT69Hex !

This has been a very interesting game. As you all know, the construction of several spaceships has been started. Of these, the only spaceship currently finished and ready for lift-off is @Corbeau#1331's. Corbeau and I had an interesting discussion on what the fate of the world should be at this stage. I explained that I have no interest in breaking our peaceful relationship, but would have no choice but to charge towards Corbeau's capital should his spaceship leave the ground.

As you can see from the demographics and scores, the military power of our alliance is now unbeatable (swarms of stealth bombers, fusion armors and fusion battleships are ready to strike anywhere in the world at a swift pace). As such, Corbeau and I have agreed to keep our peace, and reach out to the rest of the players to wrap up this amazing adventure.

@wieder_fi#1138: Myself, @jwrober#7464  and @Milene#2613  would like to declare victory of LT69hex. However, assuming no one objects and we can indeed be declared victors as far as the LT system goes, we would like to request that the server is kept going long enough for corbeau to launch the spaceship and reach the target, ending the server beautifully.

I will copy-paste this declaration into the forum and, as per the rules, I believe there is now a 5 day period for anyone to object.

#6 LT64 » Victory declaration » 2021-11-08 16:43:35

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Team Blue (TriClad, panch93, Zoe, skier, FireMan79, Chill, Ohmcore, prbbrp) together with the independent Axepipe would like to declare victory of LT64. The last victory spot is symbolically given to zrcalo (even though he can't really win since he is not in LT64), for stepping in when the more experienced core of team blue all had to bolt at the same time 😅

A big shout out to the Red team's will power! Particularly white9blue1, paavo, daavko and vic123. You guys made this game challenging and fun up until the very end 🙂 I am looking forward to being on your side in future games 🍻

Honorary mentions to Sketlux and Corbeau, for playing a great game and successfully navigating the whole 'being independent in a team game' situation (and in cobeau's case for taking a half-baked nation and pulling it together).

And a moment to remember Paulos's French people, who sadly we could not save in time. Better luck for the next ones 🤞

If I understand correctly, the game will be officially over in 5 turns (i.e. T134), assuming there are no objections.

#7 LeagueA1 » Victory declaration » 2021-06-29 10:14:04

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Pasting here the Discord message from 2021-06-28 16:43 GMT-4:

So, it seems the time has come to conclude this amazing game. Before anything else: myself, @A0Zmat, @fizu and @jwrober would like to declare victory. Cheers, my great allies!

What a journey! It was a game full of intrigue and unexpected twists. KingOfTheStorm was a formidable opponent, and I really wish we had had a chance to beat him (or lose to him) fair and square. Personally, I want to thank not only my allies but also @Blauwal, @MustVares13 and @PowerPaul, for their crucial help in keeping me alive after losing most of my nation in one single turn (again, kudos to KotS, it was a great play). Sadly, I did not get to take my homeland back, but instead I got some new good friends out of this game, and I'll take that any time smile

So many of us came together for this fight that it only seems unfair only four get to declare victory. If it were up to me, we would all win! Perhaps @Kryon can reconsider the rank-up terms and allow some other surviving nations to move on to League B as well. I am looking forward to meeting everyone there at some point beers

We had a discussion with most of the players still alive, and everyone appears to be on board with letting us take this one home. Still, as per our rules, I suppose the customary five days start now!

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