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Hello I’m Shoigu. I am from Warciv, and I made a tutorial how the LT 53 will look like. I guess I will just start to explain roughly the basic stuff and strategies how to play this kind of game so u get a bit in touch with it.

There are different playertypes how u can play ur game. There is for example the early attacker with destroyers in turn 55 (really fast), turn 57 (fast), t59-61 (average). These player’s usually tend to settle either a fast build, what considers to avoid hard spots with slow growth like mountains or junggle overall, they pick quick spots and fast growing one’s. And they do not settle more than 11 cities in total.

Another type of player’s are the ecoplayer’s. These player’s concern their game on getting a large eco for supporting their late game invasion proper. These one’s are going for corners spot’s and harder spots like mountain & junggle etc. These one’s are usually getting very dangerous after turn 70, since they will gather flight + amphi very quick due their massive eco build and threat by that way their opponents. But these player’s are very weak in turn 55-60 and injurable by then.

Another kind of strategy u can go for is to gather just the amphibious warfare tech as fast as possible, what will be around t64-66. Fill ur transport full of marines and send with the transport 1-2 destroyers for having some small protection from opponents sea unit’s. Then all u have to do is to pick a city u think of it will be a good target and go for it. If u manage to gather a spot like hill u have gain very good conditions. It will be a way easier to hold it then for example a plain city, since this one will be very easy cleaned by fighters from an allies or by the opponent himself.

There are several strategies u can go for. Like upon mentioned 3 of them. Overall the important point for choosing the best strategy is to know what ur enemy is going for and what speed he is at. And an embassy is always a good thing to have to play ur best and most adjusted gameplay towards ur enemy. If u have once a possibility to create one, u should do it ! If not u can still follow ur opponent’s with f8 and see if they have cities in top 5 citie’s. Or the demographic report (f11).

So far to repeat, t55-65 destroyerwartime, t65-75 marination/green fighter+rifle drop off time, t75-80 researching last techs needed for being able to switch to fundamentalism (goverment). By turn 80 u should have latestly gathered Flight, Radio, Amphibious Warfare, Fundamentalism. And use the airlift ability gain by the tech radio. It will help u greatly to protect captured cities or to protect ur own one’s. Once being in fundamentalism u will be able to buy easily 20 fanatic’s for a small amount of gold. If u have airport’s in all cities, u will be in good conditions to hold ur captured cities or protecting ur’s or ur allies cities.

If u pass turn 80 and u are not in anarchy turning to fundamentalism ur opponent will highly suspect u of farming high tech’s and u will be his new favourite target, since farming tech’s is a dangerous game big_smile If u have gathered some allies and u feel safe so far, being protected by them u can as well go for the farming strategy. Important is just that u gather at least sub’s (combustion). Next tech u should go for is automobile, miniaturization, labour union, robotics etc. There are for example as well player’s that choose to go for flight before farming as well, to feel a bit safer in case they are needed to support some allies. That will work too, once u have researched miniaturization ur production will be rich enough to afford a good fighterproducement. But this way of farming will slow u down for some turn’s and I wouldn’t go for it if u feel safe enough. But it’s up to the situation and how u feel like. Just rushing will sometimes end up in a desaster so be totally sure u don’t need them.

Warclient for Windows can be downloaded from: https://github.com/zekoz/freeciv-warcli … ag/rev1662
You can install it and log on to any of the Haken servers to automatically play the regular warciv ruleset. (See you there.)

Useful commands:
/set minplayer 1
/set timeout 240

For older warclient versions: http://dl.gna.org/freeciv-warclient/

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1. In warciv, cities cannot have specialists such as scientists and taxmen until they reach a minimum size of 3. (I actually think this ability adds greater depth to the early stage of the WLT game and would vote to leave it as it is.)
2. Making contact with another civilization should establish a basic embassy providing two sources of intelligence: government type and amount of gold in the treasury. This lets you know, for example, whether his government is republic or fundamentalist and whether he is max taxing or researching. (After experiencing this in the game, I think it’s more interesting not to have this intelligence from basic contact and would vote to leave it as it is.)
3. A tile with a special resource keeps its special status when transformed, from plains with buffalo to forest with pheasant for example.

Shogun (Discord 07/04/2021)
but so far this look's pretty warciv, doesn't it? I mean if we don't calculate these 3 setting's
there is a 4th one, I dont know if u have noticed it already
there is 1 turn rapture delay, in warciv ur city usually raptures when u set lux, here it takes 1 turn to make it celebrating

5. Fighters can move freely without restriction as long as they still have movement points. (Use of the arrow key, however, lets you move the fighter back out of a city.)
6. Airlifted units can fortify and are repaired by a barracks in the new host city for that turn.
7. And, erm, the “amphitheatre” should be called a colosseum.

#3 Re: LT59 » Rule changes from LT53 » 2021-04-06 18:01:05

Rule Change WC LT59 T77

7 out of 10 active players (Stee, Shoigu, miguelmorales85, Chill, el_perdedor, skier, David Ben Gurion) have voted for the following rule change in turn 77:

dipl_stealchance increased to 60 and tech steal on city capture.

The change will be retroactively effective from turn 72 and technology that should have been acquired from city capture from this turn can be requested from the game Admin.

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