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I don't know for you, but using the longturn website and the forum on a smartphone is really painfull...

Would it be possible to switch to a style sheet using responsive design ?
I'm sure more people would likely intervene.


#2 Re: LT50 » About the login » 2019-12-11 12:48:31

I'm running version 2.6 with the LT50 ruleset at home.
No problem, although i didn't get very far in the game.

I've read that it is a warserver ruleset. But nevertheless i am surprised that we don't have the usual X3 bonuses on movements and others Longturn's classic stuff.

#3 Re: LT50 » About the login » 2019-12-10 18:33:05

Good question !
The port is not yet published on the LT50 page... i guess it is 5050, but it is not responding on longturn.net.

So i guess the game has not started yet.


#4 LT38 » red team surrenders ? » 2017-11-04 23:04:12

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Swiss leader surrenders to the global warming.

I'm not willing to keep on playing.
Seeing beautifull Switzerland -i so much worked about, turned into a desert is making me sick.

...nothing to do with the blue team wink

Other players of the red team are welcome to post here about their position.

#5 LT38 » please firewall ! » 2017-09-11 19:42:22

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Hi venerable Admin,

Can you do something to get ride of those ugly connections ?

Lost connection: c7052 from ec2-52-201-46-197.compute-1.amazonaws.com (client disconnected).
Lost connection: c7053 from ec2-52-201-46-197.compute-1.amazonaws.com (client disconnected).
Lost connection: c7054 from ec2-52-201-46-197.compute-1.amazonaws.com (client disconnected).

They're ruining  the chat of LT38 sad

#6 Re: LT38 » The map for LT38 » 2017-06-04 15:15:01

I found in the test game that lands are too big.
If you start in the middle of a continent, surrounded by lots of enemies, with no shores as natural defenses, life expectancy is going to be short.
Is there another possible land setting that would lead to less...monolithic continents ?

#7 Re: LT38 » New test game has been started » 2017-05-28 08:08:52


We are now at year 3265. What happened during the night ?
I left a beautiful land and this morning it's all ice and tundra :[
All my cities gone back to size 2 or 3.

While I see in the traveller's report that hanovrian cities have gone to size 90...

Apart from that, I didn't met any problem with the settings.

[Edit]: so it is nuclear winter. Thanks to arkan for this demonstration.

#8 Re: LT38 » Reply here to join Team Red » 2017-05-22 20:05:52

Not at all, Corbeau, Red is the color of the Swiss flag... I join the team !

#9 Re: other » Do I still have an account ? » 2017-05-22 20:00:28

OK, Done.
Thanks for your time.

#10 Re: LT38 » New Unit suggestion. » 2017-05-22 19:52:52

Didn't know about trirem on rivers... so many improvements in a few years.

...Yes please : transports on rivers smile

#11 Re: LT38 » The first version of the LT38 ruleset is on git » 2017-05-22 19:27:27

I didn't know about that so I added it back in the building ruleset, and so far, it runs smoothly.

The biggest innovation since my last LT game seems to me that milits can't use roads in a foreign land.
I guess this will be the same with railroads. Do you confirm ?

This would mean no more "Oh sh..., my whole empire has been overwhelmed during the night", which is what happened in every game I lost (meaning every game I played...)

#12 Re: LT38 » The first version of the LT38 ruleset is on git » 2017-05-20 16:05:58


I have some troubles to local play with the LT38 settings. Here is what I have done :
1. I installed the last freeciv version 2.5.7 package for Windows.
2. from GIT, I copied the LT37 and LT38 folder into C:\Program Files\Freeciv-2.5.7-gtk2\data
3. I copied the LT37.serv and LT38.serv files there too

/rulesetdir LT37 -> OK
/rulesetdir LT38 -> KO

sokrat: 'rulesetdir LT38'
Invalid requirement Building | Player |  |  | Mausoleum of Mausolos: bad type or name
"data/LT38/effects.ruleset" [effect_mausoleum_of_mausolos] has invalid or unknown req: "Building" "Mausoleum of Mausolos".

It seems the Mausoleum is lacking in the buiding.ruleset of LT38.

Am i missing something in my installation ?

#13 Re: other » Do I still have an account ? » 2017-05-20 14:25:56

My e-mail address has not changed. So it should be ok on the site

#14 other » Do I still have an account ? » 2017-05-19 20:05:56

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Hi everybody,

A few years later, it seems that there are still some people I knew here... Maho has gone (for a while i'm sure)...
I would like to suscribe to LT38, but I can't get to log on the longturn site, while I still can on the forum.
Admin, where are you ? Could you do something for me please ?

#15 Re: LT31 » LT31 Winner Claims » 2013-05-27 19:31:52

I have been quite passive and i don't claim victory.
Thanks to my allies and sorry for not being more involved in team building.

There have been many changes in the rules since my previous LT game, and i much apreciate the new ones.
Thanks for the evolution.

PS : May be someday we will play with battles resolved at TC, with units all as one, instead of i-send-units-one-by-one-while-my-enemy-is-offline wink

#16 Re: LT31 » Seeing the LT31 map, scores, client version and the LT31 gameworld » 2013-05-27 19:20:04

I am curious about how to manage a city of size 44....
If that is not top secret, could someone post a screenshot of one of these megapoles (from the inside) ?

#17 Re: LT31 » Changes » 2013-02-23 20:54:06


At the end, I think i can see those 2 luxury points...
If i set to 0% the luxury rate, there is 2 points remaining in every city. So it must be JS Bach's.

I may have thought the effect was stronger, much stronger...

#18 Re: LT31 » Changes » 2013-02-21 21:00:49


It is reported above :
- "J.S. Bach's Cathedral" 400: +2 Luxuries in every city.

Well, it costs 600... and doesn't bring anything at all sad
No luxuries, no hapiness, not even mentioned on the hapiness tab of my freeciv Client (2.3.2, nor 2.3.4).
(On the contrary, Temple Of Artemis does work and is mentioned)

Is it a bug ?
Have i missed a gap ?

#19 Re: LT31 » Server Down? » 2013-01-02 06:48:47

Has the free hosting ended on 31/12/2012 ?

#20 Re: LT31 » How to find the game » 2012-11-09 20:50:33

i was able to observe, but no more today.
I send message to akfaew. Waiting to be added to the game smile

#21 Re: LT31 » How to find the game » 2012-11-06 23:13:53

I saw it is port 5031, but still not published on the longturn site.

I can log to the game, but cannot take my player. Am I really in ?
At least, I asked for when the beginning of the game was announced (again).

#22 Re: LT31 » LT31 will start soon » 2012-10-30 00:55:55

About that interesting discussion about RTS and PBM... and issues that will appear with moves and orders only realised at TC :
If i remember well, i suggested many years ago that combats should be resolved at TC, all units on a tile against all units on the other tile.
I think that would be more realistic, and would bring a little more strategy, with real battles, and not just only I-send-tons-of-howitzer-to-the-city before the defender sees it.
And that would also let units runaway if they don't feel like fighting (Running away could be used to trap followers).
And permit to defend a city with canons, which is indeed very appropriate.

All of this would need to be combined with appropriate rules about the attacking moves, like no more attacks 6 hours before TC.
(Another rule I used to suggest : No move in a foreign territory 6 hours (+-) before TC).
Another rule to go along : once an attack order has been given to a unit, no cancel is possible, and no other move.
A message should be sent in Game (and by email if offline) to the defender when an attack has been ordered against him.

To counter-balance this, defend bonuses could be seriously reduced.

So, to resume my thinking :
- no restriction on moves, except for attacking moves, that should be ordered n hours before TC, and could not be canceled.
- battles resolved at TC
--> ACTIVE DEFENSE instead of a passive one.

#23 Re: LT31 » LT31 will start soon » 2012-10-20 20:13:39


I'm still here, and ready for the game.
(I didn't notice any LT message in my mailbox)

I'm against popcost greater than 1, as well as i am against rapturedelay = 1 (Elrik mentioned a vote for 3. I hope it will be repected)
Nevermind about citymindist.

Will there be polls ?

#24 Re: LT31 » Any estimate of when LT31 starts? » 2012-05-15 11:56:34

Hi all,

I'm back for a little game (don't tell my wife wink)

I can see there are still some old players here... Marduk still playing the Chinese, I bet MrSynical still names his cities MrSomething...
I'm dying to see how it works with so many players.
When i left, longturn games were limited to 30, if i remember well.

So, a few questions :
- When does the game begin ?
- Do we receive an email ?
- How many days does the first turn last ?

Best regards,

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