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As the game as been down for a while now my brain has been feeling the lack. (being a stay at home day most of my conversation is at 4 year old to 4 month old level) So much so that I did something crazy I stated taking some online education. I know nothing about computer code, so I am useless to help the admins, so I took my first step to becoming code literate. The class is an introduction to computer science the first class started in python (blessedly open source) I have wanted to learn a little about coding for a long time, but it took missing longturn to get me up and doing it. Good times as I go though this long process of becoming code literate I thought I could tell about my experience in this first class then get direction from those more experienced. Right now most advice would go right over my head, but I am hopeing after this first class I might get enough to a least know what I need to learn.

For those who want to do the same and maybe take this journey with me I am taking this class from Khan Academy it is truly a free course. The classes are though Youtube and are 15 to 20 mins long.

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koekto wrote:

Hi all,
are there any spare idle accounts?
I'm a newbie for longturn and would like to play, but LT31 will start not so soon.

Sorry lt30 is actually done. We are currently playing lteX23b, It is an experimental game meaning we are trying a new rule set and looking for bugs and "crash makers" you can get in that game but at the moment it is crashed as we found a bug. The admins (who we all love and appreciate in a game like appropriate way) are working on fixing the bug, then they could spawn you in the game.

PS you start with a huge amount of setter and most of the techs, and there are still a lot of island that are empty.

#3 Re: LTeX23B » Ltex32b giving connection refused » 2012-07-09 19:44:11

Lord_P wrote:

Yes remove them, theyre just a pain. Would be better to spawn an actual player with some ships and attacking units every 10 turns or so (Players who have been wiped out or new players waiting to join)

That would be fun

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Is the game having another bout of downtime? I only ask to find out if I am the only who can't get on.

#5 Re: LTeX23B » Ltex32b giving connection refused » 2012-06-27 11:09:38

Thanks for the info, so sad, well not like going hungry sad, or like even getting fired sad, but hey I like this game! I should be able have some kind of emotional response with out all these guilt games. Oh great now my wife is calling me a "#*&#! Girl"

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Steelski wrote:

I just noticed there's also this setting called 'diplcost'. When you receive a tech costing x bulbs in a diplomatic treaty, you lose x*diplcost/100 bulbs (and can end up with a negative amount of bulbs.) Setting diplcost to 90 would effectively make an alliance of 11 nations research at only 2 times the speed of one nation (each member researches at the speed of one and gets 10% of everyone else's researched bulbs). This would be perfect if it didn't ruin money transfers at the same time. hmm

I think that this would be really interesting, because it would allow lone wolf types to still be competitive and yet people who "just kind of like diplomacy" would still have some inventive to join annoying talkalots like me. I mean how else am I going to get people to talk to a "noob boob" like me.

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My Inevitable doom, It seems there are alliances all around me but no one wants me to join them. I have that feeling you get when you are the new kid at school and all the football players are pointing at you and laughing, my swirly will surely be coming soon. Sure they trade tech with me but is that because they want my cities nice for when they come in droves to oust me. I say “hey is there room in you alliance for one more…” And silence is all I get back. I will not go quietly into the night, I will rage against the dying of the light. Wow do I sound like jr high school drama student or what?

Ok Enough of this woe is me stuff,

Question is there a way to tell what alliance people have,? I remember in civ4 there was a chart that showed the relationships between rulers.

#8 LTeX23B » How much chat is there in a normal LT game? » 2012-06-07 21:35:57

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We are on turn 43 in LTeX23B, and I have only talked to about 8 player and most were very short conversations. And many time I chat to them and they don't chat back even days later. My question is , Is the chat line the normal way to interact in these games or am I missing something. I have looked up one players email then the realized that might be out of bounds to email, really not sure as I am still new to LT. Or is everyone else already grouped up and have trade all there tech in which case I am about to be a die a horrible death. (well as horrible as a fake death that only effects the game me that will ultimately be reborn in the next game).

When do big alliances start forming and is there an alliance cap? I seem to remember people yelling about that but what was ultimately decided?

#9 LT30 » Ideas on How to make sure Lt31 is not as frustrating as Lt30 » 2012-05-28 13:50:46

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So having read lots of the forums on Lt30 it appears that most of the player banded together against the top rated alliance. It is clear this was really annoying to top tire players. But in any strategy game where diplomacy is around this will usually happen. For instance in a family game of risk usually one of the parents will win until the kids grow up enough and realize the only chance they have to win is to band together and fight the power. When this happens parents never win again.

The Kids have grown up. Now the top tire players have to have a new strategy. I have a suggestion that would nullify the parents vs kids phenomenon. If top tire players make sure that only a few of them are in any one alliance no smart rebel leader can make the case to the whole world to unite against any one alliance.

This would be good for the game for a number of reasons here are a few.

1. Mentoring. This would force Top Tire players (not me) to play with new players (me) making new players better faster.
2. Competition. In any economy more company trying to make a better product force each other to be better or die. Die in the company sense not really at least most of the time. This will raise the game playing level of the over all game. That is just good for everyone, fun for all.
3. More Forum participation. With no more that a few top tire players in each alliance the alliance's will Have some healthy smack talk. (Team aczern is going down!-- Oh Yeah in your dreams team kryon will be dead before someone builds stone henge.) All posted by newbies who naturally get behind there own Top tire players.

This is not how most top tire players want to play but unless they find some other global strategy it is the best option.

#10 Re: LT30 » And the winner is.... » 2012-05-25 14:12:01

monamipierrot wrote:

Ok, enough, I hope we are still good friends (or good enemies).

See you in the Game.

What a great game! Trust no one... Shoot that should have been my nick name. Then when people said trust "No one" people might think "Oh yeah 'No one' he is good people"

Fun times

#11 Re: other » New (and old) member introductions :) » 2012-05-16 13:26:37

I am 31 which apparently is close to the average age of this game. I am currently a stay at home dad with a 4year and a 3mounth sons. I played lots of sports in high school and collage and wished I was playing shogun or axis and allies. Now running after my 4year I feel all my surgeries from sports injuries and wish I had played D&D more and Wrestled less. I married a beautiful smart girl who got her doctored in Psychology, and maid more than I did as I was a research lab tech, and not a lot of money in mouse brains. (I mostly did experiments with C57 Bl6 mouse brains in a animal model of multiple sclerosis) I played the pay civs since I first found it on super NES then moved to PC and now finally to freeciv on Longturn. I might be new to Freeciv but you are never getting rid of me. Joe9009 came from my Fathers name. Joe not 9009. Goodtimes.

#12 Re: LT30 » **Terror banned from Longturn** » 2012-05-13 03:25:43

Wow this some heavy stuff. Hacked accounts, possible spys, are we being watched at this very moment? Sorry I just watched Person of Interest. Good show I recommend it.

Admins thanks for doing what you can, most of us understand that you do this work for free and are grateful that there is a place like this and skilled individuals like yourself willing to spend the time to set up games for us all. I hope that this unfortunate situation dose not make you lose the fulfillment you get out of refereeing this digital circus of settlers, because it is a wonderful thing.

#13 Re: LTeX23B » Ltex23B start/changes » 2012-04-24 15:16:39

Question. The turn limit, will it kick you off after 60min or just not let you do anything more than observe? I ask only because I am still pretty new and I don't know alot of the other players. How do you get to know each other. It seem that the chat function is not used much. How do people talk with each other? I feel like I am playing in the dark, I am sure that this is because I don't yet know the ropes.

So it starts today?

#14 Re: LT30 » LT30 idle player notification and substitution list » 2012-04-12 20:07:26

How new am I? I had to look up how to rapture on that youtube vide. Starting now.

#15 Re: LT30 » LT30 idle player notification and substitution list » 2012-04-06 15:28:47

Too bad I already took super weak aczern's, at this point my goal is to build up enough to survive 5 turns once one of the huge player beside me decides they want my land. When I took it ten turns ago I think there were five buildings all together in the 4 citys. But it is a fun game even in a hopeless situation. I feel bad for my one ally I don't see how I can do him much good. Goodtimes! I am pumped for lt31 to start in a few weeks or whenever it starts.

#16 Re: LTeX23B » Idea to make Kings relevant » 2012-04-01 19:25:48

Lord_P wrote:

So if King Richard is away fighting in the crusades then his country will suffer economically.

This would make the game much more dynamic with Royal/National armies moving around. However the strong advantages that the king gives should be balanced by the risk of ultimate defeat if the kings army is eliminated (So no extra defence bonuses) and an economic consequence of the king being too far from home.

This is interesting, But it sounds like alot of work for the coders. I like the no extra defense but the exception could be while he is in Capital it can't be game over if he is killed, you know what if he has a baby to lead the masses that pops up in new capital when he dies in old Capital. Or you could get really crazy and say if he left his Capital there is a increasing chance that his child will not be his and thus his kingdom would die with him. Wow I bet that would be fun to code

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keysersoze wrote:
akfaew wrote:
keysersoze wrote:

For that, I have adopted "kamikaze" strategy -- I attacked each and every unit I saw crossing my lands, in order to provocate war, and I made no alliances at all.

This is called antisocial behaviour

Only if you don't have clear separation in your mind, of what is game and what is social behaviour.

The Kamikaze strategy is a valid one that adds something to the game but if you don't go all out and make it happen, then it is only Kami! Which I will give you is a pretty name for a little girl, it dose create a power vacuum that the rule about not quitting is partly about. You messed up. And your explanations were good, but still rules are rules. I see your point about chess but that is a rule in chess because it has only 2 players. But still interesting stuff.

#18 Re: LT30 » LT30 idle player notification and substitution list » 2012-03-23 15:43:57

Ok got it to work I have logged in and have control of the nation. Looks like war and I am feeling it. Ok Mon Lets do this! Never surrender! good times I will wait to do my turn till close to end of timer so we can talk about long turn plans.

#19 Re: LT30 » LT30 idle player notification and substitution list » 2012-03-21 02:31:28

I will definitely log in once per day, but I am definitely new to multiplayer freeciv I just am not even really sure how to get in to the game. I know the port number and name but I have no idea how smartgit works or if it is even necessary. Do i need i contact akfaew?

#20 Re: LT30 » LT30 idle player notification and substitution list » 2012-03-17 00:58:54

That would be great, I don't mind if it is in bad shape it would be fun still.

#21 Re: other » I Don't Know How to access Freeciv » 2012-03-10 21:36:14

Can you use version 2.3.1 for windows with LTeX23B? When I look at the meta sever all the games are version 2.3.1, And I do not see the ports for the current game that is going on. I just wanted to make sure when the time comes I will be able to join a game and really be part of the community.

#22 Re: LT30 » LT30 idle player notification and substitution list » 2012-03-09 23:00:07

I am new but i would not mind being put on the substitution list.

#23 Re: LTeX23B » Some settings to vote on » 2012-03-05 23:14:42

Hello all just, wanted to say pumped to play my first longturn game, have read alot of the forums are there any threads I really should read before LTeX23B. Not that I won't get schooled first time playing longturn but reading helps.

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