#1 Re: LT50 » LT50 will be 2.5, based on LT49, here are the proposed changes » 2019-12-14 23:39:54

we might do as such:
submarine: same as before, except no nukes
nuclear submarine: 4x price as default.. same as submarine, but able to carry nukes
patrol submarine: 1/3x price as default.. slower moving, less attack, used for patrolling
cutter: can hold 1 friendly non military unit, same as transporter, can do engineering tasks on ocean tiles (transforming, buoy making)

#2 Re: LT50 » LT50 will be 2.5, based on LT49, here are the proposed changes » 2019-12-14 23:33:57

...or if possible an ocean going engineer unit? that would be cool to be able to transform oceans and create buoys without loading and unloading stuff...

#3 Re: LT50 » LT50 will be 2.5, based on LT49, here are the proposed changes » 2019-12-14 23:31:49

I like wieder rule change about making default submarine not be able to hold nukes, and creating a separate sub for nukes..

we could also make it easier/cheaper to patrol the oceans by having some slow moving sub that has just enough attack power to kill a sub but not much else...

ie, same as default sub except 4 attack, 4 defense, 4 moves, 20 shields cost to build...

I noticed in last game there were very few patrol ships... building a sub is too expensive/not worth it...

Also we could make it easier to create buoys? radio is needed for buoy.. if we make buoy buildable with earlier tech then players will use buoys, as they acheive same goal of patrolling ocean... by the time radio is discovered,its too dangerous to leave transporters out on the open.. maybe we could have a very cheap transporter unit that can only hold 1 friendly unit (migrant,worker,egnineer,etc).. specifically for purpose of putting buoys with low risk/reward for price it's worth to make buoy...

#4 Re: LT50 » LT50 will be 2.5, based on LT49, here are the proposed changes » 2019-12-12 03:17:46

perhaps u could make SDI defense available with earlier tech such as nuclear fission?

with nuclear fission one could build SDI, but it would only block 50% of time.. With new techs such as Rocketry and Laser they could increase percentage by +20% each?

#6 LT49 » tundra specials » 2019-08-23 15:46:42

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hi wieder/everyone,

this is probably insignificant/trivial, but what do you think if we raised the food, production, and trade for tundra specials... These islands are 200 tiles each but have about 20 tiles of tundra near the glacier poles. It has very negative effect to have tundra on island.. you economics will be about 5% less, and even more without harbors... we should modify the tundra specials for higher food/trade/production to offset the poor tundra tiles? this will be very easy fix to edit ruleset file...

#7 Re: LT49 » Here are the players for LT49. Team captains... » 2019-08-17 14:33:44

also what do you think about having primitive air unit such as cannon ball or other primitive ballistic? that could be using properties of cruise missile with much weaker attack stats?

#8 Re: LT49 » Here are the players for LT49. Team captains... » 2019-08-17 10:41:00

also it might be fun if we add 1 or 2 more units each game.. we could remove some useless units such as knights and add some unit like carrier pigeon, or something else? carrier pigeon would be a "flying" diplomat, it could have same properties as helicopter, but only diplomat power... we can disable insighting revolt so that would not be abused? someone could make avatar/sprite for it? it might be fun?

#9 Re: LT49 » Here are the players for LT49. Team captains... » 2019-08-17 10:35:50

also maybe increase price for certain units such as armors, howitzers, and fusion armors.. we could double the cost of those and some other advanced units? they are way too cheap to build if you have size 40 cities that have 150 production

#10 Re: LT49 » Here are the players for LT49. Team captains... » 2019-08-17 10:33:07

hi wieder, can you feed us more food? in the test game my cities were starving for growth. i need to get to +20 food so that i can grow every 2 turns but just barely not enough for that.. maybe we can decrease foodbox or give more goodies from tiles?

#11 Re: LT49 » Here are the players for LT49. Team captains... » 2019-08-10 05:46:38

you can test it out on one of the freeciv.nmte.ch servers, just type "/load earth-80x50-v3"

#12 Re: LT49 » Here are the players for LT49. Team captains... » 2019-08-10 05:45:38

what do you guys think about playing earth map medium size? It has fixed coordinates! So we can custom pick our starting positions..

https://github.com/longturn/freeciv-S2_ … x50-v3.sav

Here is list of start coordinates in map file:


38,21,FALSE,"Egyptian#Egyptian Arab"
39,34,FALSE,"Zulu#South African"



66,36,FALSE,"Australian Aboriginal#Australian"
73,37,FALSE,"Maori#New Zealand"


11,24,FALSE,"Mayan#Central American"


#13 Re: LT49 » LT49 to start in few weeks » 2019-08-05 14:29:44

hi wieder, i am going to be playing maho-style.. count me as weakest player if u are trying to balance teams.

wieder wrote:

Last time not every captain wanted to be public. If we can get two captains willing to give me list of players, we can do the captains.

#14 Re: LT49 » LT49 to start in few weeks » 2019-08-04 02:13:58

Hi wieder, could you make new test game with smaller islands? There was a bit too much land. What is setting to change, landmass? or is there also tileperplayer setting for the island generator...?

#15 Re: LT38 » open seat » 2017-07-04 21:00:59

yep give to anyone who can take..

while waiting for replacement, i gave my password to team so they can assign delegation while waiting for player to take open spot..

#16 LT38 » open seat » 2017-07-02 17:33:16

Replies: 3

anyone want to take my player? I am going to go idle soon if someone want to play

#17 Re: LT38 » The proposed teams for LT38 » 2017-06-20 01:02:37

these teams seem unbalanced..
on blue team there are many players i know such as cgalik, drew, chill, lord p, paavo, and el pollo

corbeau and ptizoom are the only players i know on my team.. corbeau plays peaceful style, and you know he will be leaving many big cities empty for other team to conquer.. i don't know how you decided these teams were fair?

#18 LT38 » sdi city improvement? » 2017-06-04 02:05:46

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How about making sdi small wonder? I think this would be nice, because otherwise player who first builds manhattans can quickly launch nuke on opponents palace (there is unlimited moves for nukes if passing between subs on water).. This way player can at least defend palace from nukes.. it is taking too long to research laser... this small wonder would be same as sdi defense, but would only be able to be built from one city per player...

#19 Re: LT38 » supermarket » 2017-06-02 01:52:49

how about to make workers free support + less defense? If you give them 4 attack/defense, they will quickly get to 10 with vet upgrades anyway.. they should never be stronger than phlanx

#20 Re: LT38 » Reply here to join Team Red » 2017-06-01 01:07:54

we will have the winners from last game be on same team!

haken, cgalik, arkan, fran, chill, mmm2, and drew

#21 LT38 » supermarket » 2017-05-29 12:34:05

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what do you think about moving supermarket to marketplace, and then make supermarket double bonus?


marketplace: normal effect  +  1 food bonus for irrigated tiles
supermarket: +1 food for "farmed" tiles

workers: free support? it seems in past games want to build many more workers, but running out of shield support. this way, don't have to worry about micromanagement, especially resupporting workers so that all cities don't support more than 2 units or 3 with zeus (annoyance to have to reshuffle and rehome always)...

also maybe lower defense bonus of workers from 10 to 3 and engineers from 20 to 6, because they will rapidly get promoted increasing defense (this would stop players from using workers to defend instead of phlanxes, especially now if free support)...

#22 Re: LT37 » The test game has been restarted 19th Dec » 2016-12-23 20:34:48

hi wieder, the map was still to big - although we don't know how many players will confirm playing. I am not sure yet if I will join. I hope that we could put something that limits login time, but that will take lots of programming effort, and I don't think anyone has time to modify - we would have to track time logged in, and then cut players after being logged in more than X minutes. I thnk many have quitted playing because of time needed each turn.. It can be 4 hour turns at end game if you are serious to win...

#23 Re: LT37 » Boosting Fundamentalism and making it relevant in the early game » 2016-12-10 00:43:46

the test game ended.. restart so we can test changes...

#24 other » stop to play video gaming for remainder of 2015 » 2015-07-26 20:57:13

Replies: 2

i stop to play video games for rest of year 2015 smile I will be back in 2016 smile

#25 Re: LT35 » The teams for LT35 » 2015-07-10 04:12:02

wieder wrote:

The start of LT35 will happen as soon as possible. As pretty much expected, there can be delays during the summer :SS

What it comes to having some people playing as single player, I have no idea about that and can't really comment that stuff just now. I'll just remind that LT35 has pooled research and the research cost for any single player would be the same as for the teams = 6x normal and about 7,5x compared to LT34. Really. Having single players would probably count as having some huts on the game. Possibly.

forget about this idea i had.. it will make LT35 into a joke if we have single players in team game..

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