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[message deleted] [admin: Marduk]

#2 Re: LT30 » Recorder on video now: Terror using his so-called "Rock" on keyboard » 2012-05-02 18:40:20

you must be genius
first: I can attack when I want
second: you are cheaters exploting bugs
third: consider eg situation when eg. someone logs and unlogs  every 3 seconds, and he will say the same bullshit like you, rules dont disallow me to do that ...

no more discusion with you.

#3 Re: LTeX23B » Ltex23B start/changes » 2012-04-28 19:35:42

NOTICE: for now workers cannot be promoted due to mistake in ruleset, but should be fixed soon

#4 Re: LTeX23B » Ltex23B start/changes » 2012-04-28 18:32:08

elrik: no idea, it's dies for me on w7 too, install on virtual machine big_smile

#5 Re: LTeX23B » Ltex23B start/changes » 2012-04-25 15:44:24

kingofnerds - its 60 minutes per turn, not login.  you can make poll to increase it in  any time if you think its too short.  but you dont need  too logout if your connection hangs,  you are disconnected in less than 30 seconds then by pingtimeout or something like that.
EDIT:  seems I misunderstood you, you need to  remember to close freeciv,  or make some kungfu to force freeciv closing itself eg.  after 40 mins, on linux there is command timeout -40m freeciv-client or many other ways available

#6 Re: LTeX23B » Ltex23B start/changes » 2012-04-24 18:38:12

you can see how long you can stay on server by typing command /timeinfo

all players all on isles with another 1 player, so decide to cooperate or kill enemy fast, isles are close each other, triremas will reach them easily.
Tribal goverment gives +3 move so you can do deadly fast warriors.
Have fun

#7 Re: LTeX23B » Ltex23B start/changes » 2012-04-23 21:15:22

there are  changes from civ2-3 rulest ( somehow its hard to find it by google, best is to use modpack-installer and read readme )
here are major changes
- No Rapture Grow (celebration only causes additional trade per tile, same than civ3). Foodbox readjusted to keep a constant city growth.
- Specialists output reduced to 2 (same that civ2). There are small-wonders that increase them to 3
- Road/Railroads can't be used in enemy territory. Unreachable units do not protect reachable ones.
-Settler cost is 2

- Jungles receive +1 shield (1/1/0). Swamps can be irrigated for +1 food (to 2/0/0). Tundra can be mined for +1 shield (instead of irrigated) and roads gives +1 trade (up to 1/1/1).
- Deserts with a river receive 1 extra food from irrigation (to boost growth at terrains like Nile flood).
- Reduced food bonus by 1 to some Special resources: Oasis and Spice.
- Hills receive 1 shield for free, and +2 from mines, same than civ3, (was 0 and +3).
- Mountains give extra vision range. Cities can not be placed over Mountains. Land units starting the turn over a Mountain receive a -1 penalty to movement (this way it is not so good for cavalry to end the turn on mountains).
- Lake tiles receive for free +1 food (2/0/2), while Harbours and Offshore Platforms do not affect them. Lakes do not enable wonders that needs a coastal city.
- Deep oceans produce no food (1 food with Harbour). Offshore Platforms increase the production only if there is a buoy in the deep ocean tile.
- Jungles and Forests are not affected by Pollution nor by Global warming.

- Minimum city output = 1/0/0 (was 1/1/0). City central tile now produces +1 shield except at terrains that can be irrigated and mined at same time (to workaround this hardcoded effect).
As resultant, city central tile always increases by 1 the output of the original tile, once irrigated/mined/roaded (Compare CITY and MAX1 in next table).
So, no matter the tile where you place your city, you never waste any resource (for example, with default rules a city placed over bonused grassland was wasting the shield bonus).

- DEFENCE is halfed on all terrains
- Every City receives an inherent Defend_Bonus = +50% against Land units
- Every City with Pop>=8 receives an additional free Defend_Bonus = +50% against Land units, and against Sea/Trireme.
- Walls effect reduced from 200% to 100%, and cost reduced from 60 to 30.
The total city defense is similar to default ruleset, but here cities receive some wall bonus for free, and large cities receive an extra bonus, like in civ3

- Corruption by Distance is increased by 1 until The Corporation is researched by the player.
- Waste by Distance is increased by 1 until Trade is researched by the player.
( This penalty is negated by The Pyramids wonder, and the penalty dissapears for everybody when The Pyramids become obsolete.)
- Diplomats available with Alphabet (was Writing), and Migrants with Pottery, so every initial tech allows some unit or building.

and many many others

#8 LTeX23B » Ltex23B start/changes » 2012-04-23 21:08:19

Replies: 27

It couldnt be started today or yesterday but for sure it will start tomorrow:

Prominent features ( cool stuff  big_smile )

- based on civ2-3 ruleset

(*NEW setting - timeonserver ) - Time limit to stay on server ( default 60 minutes, you can log multiple times, but total for 60 mins, can be voted in game to change )

(*NEW setting roadbuild ) - time to turn change when road or rail might be build on unclaimed terriory or other player territory, default 4 hours

(*NEW setting cancelresearch ) - if you steal tech or get it from other players, and that is tech what are you researching then next tech you start with 0 bulbs researched

Major changes:
- bribing units is based on diplchance, failed bribe means player loose gold, and that gold goes to his opponent ( but soon there will be new setting bribechance - probably 60% )

Minor changes:
- City incite is 5 X
- Wonder changes to default civ2-3 - All removed except GreatLib ( cost 600), Isaac (800), Internet (3200), Manhattan (6400)
- Moved to small wonders Smith ( 600, doesnt affect all players and rest small wonders also), Copernicus (300), CureofCancer(1000),Darwin(300), Gardens(300),Bach(600),KingRichard(300), Mausoleum(300),Pyramids(200)
Shakespear(600),TempleofArtemis(200)  - most of them are canceled by industralization, so if anyone would like skip techs like in lt30 he will skip factories too
- Factories restored to 50% shield output

- Paratroopers have range 30

- probably all commands to cast vote are disabled for real

#9 Re: LTeX23B » Poll: tlgive_40_tlrecv_50 » 2012-04-21 15:19:14

I set all settings alone, there will be tlgive/tlrecv =0, but there will be new settings which cancel all research, eg. if you research alphabet and you just got it from someone, you will start next tech with 0 bulbs collected.

#10 Re: LT31 » Signups are now open » 2012-04-07 22:24:04

Strange, Im going to do the same if there wont be patch limiting time being online.

#12 Re: other » www and settings sources » 2012-02-21 09:30:54

Akfaew, to use git like UNIX, just install CygWin+git (from cygwin repository) or Msysgit ( I think you may need there Msys to get bash support )

#13 Re: LT30 » The in-game voting is still abusable... » 2012-02-18 07:19:46

to Munk:
-> so your position is that anything that is technically possible to do is allowed?

Maybe explain why you are logged since game start? It seems you are so angry because you lost connection when debug was executed, maybe cause you are playing rts style keeping elephants as defensive units.
I think it would be even fair to disconnect you that way so some players could make moves unharmed, especially you have units in allied cities probably.
Dont tell us that you are connected just like that, then you can log off just like that.

#14 Re: LT30 » The in-game voting is still abusable... » 2012-02-17 23:08:44

Ok, then tell me what I debugged ? I think my client didnt got any info from server, and for sure I havent seen any information. I did it only to upset you and some others ppl who stay online 24h per day:D.

If you did disallowed, why it's still allowed ??? It looks like it is still allowed. Don't ask me why patch isn't applied.

#15 Re: LT30 » Troubles in connecting to the game » 2012-02-16 22:49:35

just type manually lt30.longturn.org
and set port 5030
and click connect

#16 Re: LT30 » LT30 idle player notification and substitution list » 2012-02-03 07:39:40

Yes. The same as you used to log on to site.

#18 Re: LTeX23B » Some settings to vote on » 2012-01-29 21:14:10

maybe better no? Let ltex23b will be preparation for lt31?

#19 Re: LT30 » Poll: Pirates_cant_do_diplomacy » 2012-01-26 09:45:22

Hmm, Pirates don't have any other effects? I remember in 2.1 when someone typed /take Alaric ( some barbarian leader ) he was able to see whole map unfogged.

#20 Re: other » Testing LT rulesets on local server, for dummies » 2012-01-25 18:35:37

go to dir ltscripts, copy LT30 or Ltex23 dir to main dir ( where freeciv*.exe is )

Start game -> start new game. If you want to test for 2 players connect then.

Now choose ruleset in popup menu. Game will start automaticaly ( idk why, but you will be able to play and test anyway )

go to game ->options -> server options and change unitwaittime in internal options to 0 and play.
In such way you dont need to start server by cli at all, but I see in log that
options were:   (if you want to run by cli, just remeber to put LT30 dir to main dir)
'read LT30.serv'
'rulesetdir lt30'

*UPDATE* I tested those commands and seems to work without any autostart.

#21 Re: LTeX23B » Some settings to vote on » 2012-01-24 16:18:03

Akfaew allow to make polls to ltex23B ( in poll option it still doesnt exists ).
Yes and fork settings from lt30, there is a lot to change smile

#22 Re: LT30 » LT30 idle player notification and substitution list » 2012-01-24 14:44:30

Sgik please set production in all cities to warriors or phalanxes so other players wont take your nation easily smile

#23 Re: LT30 » What diplomacy actions are needed to be able to trade technologies? » 2012-01-22 09:53:50

For testing use just LT30 ruleset, get it via git repository.

#24 Re: other » Password change » 2012-01-21 01:11:13

because password hashes were public accessible smile

#25 other » Password change » 2012-01-20 22:17:06

Replies: 5

Everyone who has has password shorter that 9 chars pls change it immediately.

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