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Augmented2 modpack longturn game

Here is proposal of first longturn game based on augmented2 ruleset/modpack.

Game will be held on server, version 2.6.1, with 2.6.* clients compatible.

Recruitment here: http://longturn.net/game/AU1/

Ruleset is here:

All alleged graphics files can be installed automatically using Modpack Installer utility,
using following modpack URL: … d2.modpack

Alternative method - by downloading ruleset and unpacking manually to the freeciv data directory, for example to ~/.freeciv/2.6/
Modpack is based on hex topology offer two tilesets, augmentedi (standard, amplio-like) and augmetedis (small, trident-like).
Without native modpack game is playable (using standard hexemplio tilesets) but ugly.

Winning conditions are:

Allied Victory, with max allied winners = roudned down sqrt(player number). The winners need to announce the victory on game chat and if no one alive objects in 7 turns, the game will end. Objector must to survive these 7 turns.

Space Race Victory will end the game when first spaceship will reach its destination
(please note, that all space ship component require city with Space Lift small wonder, therefore need to be built in subsequent turns).

Cultural Domination Victory will end the game when first player reach 50000 culture points, while second player will  be at least 1000 points behind.
Culture Points are collected each turn from Wonders, some buildings and Achievements.

Game ends also, if in-game years reaches current year.

Besides of in-game help, there is also wiki documentation about this ruleset:
https://freeciv.fandom.com/wiki/Augment … et_modpack

Because this ruleset offer much longer timespan of game than standard ones, following settings  are proposed to speed game pace a little:
timeout 20h, unitwaittime 2h (shorter turns and possibility to make 2 turns during one day - convenient for weekend idlers etc);
fixedlength 0  - possible to shorten turn if everybody agree, by pressing turn done;
average number of 3 huts/player - may be unfair but fun and faster initial game progress.

Another settings different than standard longturn: Barbarian nation held by barbarian AI.
Reason is that Cultural Victory may lead some nations to push all effort to achieve this goal, thus random Barbarian attack grant pressure
to develop some defense forces as well.

In case if some crucial bugs/exploits are revealed, game ruleset may be subject to change. Decision if ruleset is changed, after discussion, lies in hand of game admin.

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Re: Augmented2 modpack longturn game

I'm against 20h timeout because it will speed up the game by ~15% which isn't that much, but may cause more inconvenience with people's playing times.


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Re: Augmented2 modpack longturn game

What kind of map will you choose?

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Re: Augmented2 modpack longturn game

fran wrote:

What kind of map will you choose?

"topology", "WRAPX|HEX|ISO"
"landmass", 40
because there are some features which make sparse terrain such tundra or jungle less handicapped.


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