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Seriously off topic stuff about months in Finnish :D

In the Finnish language the names of the months are different from what "most" of the languages have. Well. At least different to English and some languages. Here is the listing with exact translations:

January: Tammikuu - Oak Moon
February: Helmikuu - Pearl Moon
March: Maaliskuu - Soil Moon
April: Huhtikuu - Burn-clearing Moon
May: Toukokuu - Planting Moon
June: Kesäkuu - Summer Moon
July: Heinäkuu - Hay Moon
August: Elokuu - Living Moon
September: Syyskuu - August Moon
October: Lokakuu - Dirt Moon
November: Marraskuu - Death Moon
December: Joulukuu - Christmas Moon

Nature oriented stuff. You can see the seasons from the names of the months even while the winter time is kind of disguised smile


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Re: Seriously off topic stuff about months in Finnish :D

Well, "different from most languages" is probably simply because Finnish in itself is different from other languages. if it had a "cousin", it would probably share stuff. For example, most Slavic languages have similar names for at least some of the months (while only some have taken over the Latin names).

For example, Croatian:

April - Travanj - "trava" is "grass" so it would be "grasser"
May - Svibanj - Croatian Wikipedia (which is a very non-recommended source) says it comes from a plant called "sviba" (Cornus sanguinea) which I never heard of until now
June - Lipanj - "lipa" is tilia (tree)
July - Srpanj - "srp" means sickle
August - Kolovoz - not sure why because that word literally means "road track" or simply "road" (as opposed to "pavement")
September - Rujan - just checked and the name comes from "rujanje" which is a deer mating call
October - Listopad - literally meaning leaf-fall
November - Studeni - "studen" is simply "cold"

Very fun fact: Listopad/Listapad/Lystopad is actually November in Czech, Belarus, Ukrainian and Polish, but October also in Russian and Bulgarian. Something similar goes for various versions of "serpen", "rujan" and "treven/travien": they are shifted one month later comparing to Croatian. Also, for exmaple, macedonian and Bulgarian, neighbouring comntries, extremely similar languages, same alphabet, same religion, very similar culture and history (to the point that some Bulgarians consider macedonians to actually be Bulgarians): in Macedonian Treven is April (like in Croatia) while in Bulgarian it is May.

If you want to see a mess, check here:




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Re: Seriously off topic stuff about months in Finnish :D

How dare you translate Joulukuu as "Christmas Moon"? You're offending everyone who celebrates Yule D:

Just kidding tongue   Still though, I couldn't help but notice that. Unfortunately, in German, we just use the boring old Latin names.


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Re: Seriously off topic stuff about months in Finnish :D

wieder wrote:

Here is the listing with exact translations

Hmm. I would rather call August "Harvest Moon" and November "Dying Moon" (or maybe some more poetic word for it) since "Death" is more like the Grim Reaper tongue


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Re: Seriously off topic stuff about months in Finnish :D


I am surrounded by Finns...



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