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Looking for a ruleset

Hello. Does anyone know which was the last LT game with x2 movement and is the ruleset still downloadable from somewhere? Was it still 2.4. or it made it to 2.5?


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Re: Looking for a ruleset

I should really look at the forum more carefully... Missed (also) this one smile

I don't remember any 2x games on LT. Nowdays most units have 3x moves but some have less. Nukes and the air units for example have more like 1x-2x moves. 1.5x seems right for most of them.

LT games never used Freeciv 2.4. The first 2.3 game was LT30 and the final 2.3 game was LT35. The first 2.5 game was LT36 and we will probably keep using 2.5 at least for some time.


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