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Solution to Anarchy/horde/swarm problem in LT42/LT48 "Sim" ruleset

I think I am on the way to the solution. Comments welcome. The next game is many months away so there is a lot of time to discuss and rethink.

Firstly, Anarchy is now much less functional. Citizens revolt at much smaller city sizes and there is no martial law, so there is not much point in playing with it.

However, I like the Horde/Swarm idea so (re)created the Tribal government with the following properties:

No Gold or Science, nor is there any unit upkeep. So, this nation can produce as much as it wants and can maintain all its units (because, basically, tribes live off the land, repair with whatever they can gather and don't really depend on a central authority). Also, tech upkeep is slightly modified: it will be half cheaper and kick in after 2000 bulbs discovered (in LT42 it was 3000). However, with Tribal government it kicks in at 4000 bulbs discovered (because, again, tribesmen are more resourceful and don't need the government to expend resources to fix their roads and stuff...)

Also, I gave Tribal units one more veteran level so they will have 1/3 more movement point from the start.

Also keep in mind that inability to steal techs is a bug in LT42 and this will be possible to do in the next instance.

Those are the bonuses. Now for the penalties.

A number of units will not be possible under Tribal government and will have their cheaper and less effective Tribal-unique versions. High organisation doesn't fit in with the tribal way of life.

Archers <-> Bowmen (I need opinions which of these sounds more elite) - the Tribal unit will have at most half the power of the LT42 Archers.
Trireme <-> Riverboat - can carry only 1 unit and has less movement.
Legion <-> something with Attack at most 3
Knights <-> something fast, less HP, more firepower, making it more volatile and more vulnerable, also Bad City Attacker flag...
Pikemen <-> also something else, less effective and less prone to standing ground

In all, Tribal units should have good attack, but not that good defence. Wil work out the details eventually.

I am also thinking about making City Walls slightly less effective under Tribal government.

I was also considering creating Cavalry Archers who would be able to move after attacking (Bombarding) units, but it seems this option is not available in Freeciv.

Also, perhaps, maybe, I've started thinking too much, but: Saboteur, effectively Spy, but unique to Tribal government. (Not overpowered because a number of buildings here give a Spy Resist bonus, so if you're fighting a tribe, you need to build Diplomats).

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