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Happy New Year

The year is coming to an end.

I wish to thank maho for maintaining our longturn.org domain for the past few years and meshugga for providing us with a server.

There would of course be no Longturn without the people who choose to practice the fine art of patience! May your turns be long.

A special thank you to wieder for keeping the community together! There was a time when Longturn was on the brink of death, but he stepped up and kept it running.

The first Longturn game was played in 2004, this year will make it the fifteenth year running! May we have fifteen more years.


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Re: Happy New Year

100% agree! Great post, akfaew!

Ditto to the above and also thanks to akfaew for doing the FreeCiv admin server stuff so selflessly even when he isn't playing the games. smile


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Re: Happy New Year

Hola to everybody and indeed, may our turns be long and scores rise exponentially!

I'm joining thanks to everybody involved, you know who you are and yes, going through another fifteen years would be good wink


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