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Limiting the online time for a game?

If there would be a limit for the online time a player could be connected to the server, how long should that time be?

Should there be a different time for different game types? Like x minutes for a team game and y minutes for a teamless game.

What about detacing and staying online? Or connecting and remaining connected with another account.

Anything else?


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Re: Limiting the online time for a game?

This is a tough one. I assume you are thinking about thwarting RTS type activity for those that have more time available vs others who just pop in once a day and make their moves.

In early game, one or two hours is plenty of time no matter what kind of game you are playing. In late game that can be too little, especially if you are in a protracted conflict with large numbers of units to move with proper planning.

What if a person is playing two nations on a team game? Do you somehow get twice the time allotted? Or would the timer be based on nation?

At first blush I would say you don't do anything. I don't see that much of an issue with it.


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Re: Limiting the online time for a game?

It is good idea to limit time of the single session (disconnect/detach player after 1h for example), it would resolve problem with both accidentally forgotten and intentionally prolonged connections,
but limiting overall time spend during given turn is a very bad idea in my opinion.


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Re: Limiting the online time for a game?

Well, if time can be limited only per player and not per nation, yes, this may pose a serious problem to delegations.


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